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Hi my name is Bernadette Dimitrov. I'm the author of unique inspirational Christmas eBooks and audio books for children and adults. I'm passionate about sharing the positive transformational messages of Christmas so we can experience happier, healthier lives in the new millennium.

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Michele Blood

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'The HoHoHo Factor!" is just
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There are so many facts
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Day was to give money to
the poor? I thought it was
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Not only will you learn so much historically YOU will
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all of the amazing ideas to help YOU have a happier richer life. 

I highly recommend
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Mary Andrews
Writer, Performer, Author
"Paper Gowns" &

"Wake Up...Live the Life You Love"
The Ho Ho Ho Factor
eBook is so much more than I thought it would be!  I was  also very excited to learn why writing "Xmas" is not disrespectful! 

This book is informative and fun.  The eBook is great!"




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Find out how Santa delivers
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     Robert G Allen
       Author of the
    New York Times   

Nothing Down
Creating Wealth
Multiple Streams of Income
The One Minute Millionaire
Cracking the Millionaire Code:  Your Key to Enlightened Wealth


"Bluey, an enchanting
Kangaroo from DownUnder,
is Santa's newest high
flying addition to his fleet
of reindeer.
Like Rudolf,
this story is destined to
be a cherished classic. 

What a fun and inspirational 
character Bluey is as he takes children through
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life lessons!"




An Inspirational Christmas Story - Bluey is winning the hearts of children & parents world-wide!

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   "Bluey is a book for every child to delight
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     has the spark, the imagination and the
     goodness factor which children instantly
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     is a true modern day classic that helps
     kids in real life
 as they learn to address
     their wants and needs in a positive,     
     productive way.   Love it!


  Joycebelle, Founder of
Author of 15 children's books &
  Educational, Creative, Promotion &
  Production Consultant to EMI Institute
  Infopreneuring Training Programs


Bluey Santa's New Recruit!
Magical & Fun Children's Christmas Story!
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   Imagination is the secret that expands
          thinking and unlocks potential!

By igniting and encouraging greater imaginary creativity, we have the ability to change filters, responses and behaviors and draw on inner
strengths. Visualization and imagination are
valuable tools to produce new solutions for life
and its challenges thus increasing the ability to give the gift of who we really are!

"Imagination is more important than Knowledge"
                                         Albert Einstein

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