Mrs Claus travels around the world...     
     Celebrate Santa Conventions, Festivals
             & fun times with Mrs Claus....


Mrs Claus competing at                                     
- Upwey Billy Cart Races 2011.... Fun, Fun, Fun 


Mrs Claus guest in multicultural St Albans,     
Melbourne, Australia Celebrating all people &  the spirit of generosity, fun & love:                  


Mrs Claus with Melbourne, Australia's
Santa Claus Patrick O'hare:                 



Celebrate Santa Festivals - Mrs Claus in the USA - Movies by Mrs Claus:                           

Here's a fun video....
Celebrate Santa Festival Parade USA with Mrs Claus Australia 2010....laughter & fun!

Her is another fun video ...
Santa.Snow.Olympics - Celebrate Santa Festival 2010 - Gatlinburg Tennessee!

Mrs Claus in the front seat on the way to the
Santa Festival Parade in Cybersleigh with
Santa Dick Conkling driving... the owner &
inventor of  award winning famous CyberSleigh!

Mrs Claus in the front on the Santa's super
award winning Cyber-Sleigh!
It lifts, spins & has jet engines ... a real crowd pleaser:

Here  is Mrs Claus & Santa's spinning in Cybersleigh in the Parade:



CyberSleigh at CelebrateSanta - never before seen footage!

Here I am with Santa Tim Connaghan, he's the famous
Hollywood Santa and the Chancellor of the
University of Santa Claus.  We were in Cybersleigh
for the Parade ... Santa Tim does awesome work!

 Mrs Claus centre,
With Santa  Vern & Bonnie Claus from New York!


Mrs Claus & some of her friends at the convention in USA
Vicki & Charlie aka Mr & Mrs Santa Claus ... with our
rudolph noses having some fun!

Mrs Claus at Santa's workshop at the festival!

Mrs Claus with Santa Kazoo after the festival's Santa parade
in Gatlinburg, Smokey Mountains, Tennessee, USA!
What a hoot it was awesome!

Mrs Claus signing the Santa Claus Oath
the First Australian to sign it!
Mrs Claus is on the International Santa Claus Oath Committee!
View the Oath here

Mrs Claus with my friend Santa Carlucci at the convention!
There is a great interview with this famous magical Santa 
available at my podcast show!

Santa Charlie, one of the Chairman for the festival!
About to set off on a parade float, I was honored to
be on it with him, other Chair people, founders
 and his lovely wife Mrs Claus, Cindylu!

Here I am on the 'Peace on Earth' float!


The sea of Santa's and Mrs Clauses in the parade!

Mrs Claus with some elfs friends elfing around HoHOHo!

Mrs Claus at the convention with Gerald Hartke, Director
of the new movie, to be internationally released soon!
An epic movie called 'Nicholas of Myra' the real story of Santa Claus!  Gerald gave convention attendees a sneak preview!
Awesome!  Watch out for it in your country!
I did a great interview with him for my podcast show too!

Santa Cliff Snider, author and the famous praying Santa
who tells children it is better to give than get!
At the convention he signed a copy of his book for me
I have a great 1 hour interview on my show with him!

Author Sheila Monroe Booth-Alberstadt
Her story books for children are used by Santa America!
Helping through challenging times ... awesome self-help books!
You can hear a great interview with Sheila at my show site too!

Mrs Claus on stage in the Santa Fashion Show in her
Australian Mrs Claus Flag outfit -
the digereedoo is to
remind us the energy we give out comes back to us
- so think before you act or speak & give
out positive energy, positive vibes to contribute
to make the your world & our world a better place!

Here is my famous 'Lighten Up' dress
I love to share why we need to lighten up and laugh more!

Here I am on stage in the fashion parade in my
'Lighten Up' dress!

Santa Tim Cavender and his wife Mrs Claus, Pam Cavender
They were the compares of Santa's fashion parade
and also lead the parade in Gatlinburg 2010!
Both are very tallented and do amazing work in the Santa community.  You can hear interviews with both at my podcast show!

Santa Steve Darling from NT, Australia
The famous camel riding Santa... a big hit in the parade!

Marching Santa's in the parade...
which include the world's fastest snow tube Santa...
Santa Bob Elkin... an amazing Santa doing great work in the world!
He is also on the Advisory Board for

Santa's downtown Gatlinburg for the parade!

                                 Santa Olympic-Style
                      Snow Tube Races at the Festival:

Here are the Santa's line up for the race to begin!

At the top of the mountain, Santa's getting ready to take off
for the gold medal!

Here are some of the Santa's as they take off down the mountain!


Here below is Mrs Claus competing for Australia:

Getting ready to go... wheeeeeeeeeeew it's steeper than
I thought HoHOho... close my eyes and off I go!

Mrs Claus getting ready to go HoHohooooooooooooooo!

Mrs Clauses in the first race!
Mrs Claus aka Bernadette is 2nd from the left.

At At the end of the race course ... a lot of fun!

Mrs Claus with the fastest Mrs Claus in the world!Stephanie Siebert from the USA!

Mrs Claus with Santa Bob Elkin from the USA
the fastest Santa Claus in the World!

Here I am with Santa Leon who compared the Santa
Olympic style snow tube races.  He is also a very famous
Clown in the USA and has been inducted into the hall of fame!
He does amazing work .as Santa Claus too...

Mrs Claus, single Santa and Director of Nicholas of Myra
caught all the fun on the snow slops for the Santa races!


<> Celebrate Santa Convention
- Movies by Mrs Claus                  

Celebrate Santa Attendees Comments Part 1 of 3:

Celebrate Santa Attendees Comments Part 2 of 3:


Celebrate Santa Attendees Comments Part 3 of 3:


Adventures at Celebrate Santa with Mrs Claus - Part 1 of 3


Adventures at Celebrate Santa with Mrs Claus - Part 2 of 3


Adventures at Celebrate Santa with Mrs Claus - Part 3 of 3!

The Carlucci Factor - what goes on behind the red suits
after hours shhhhhhhhhhhhhh it's a secret HoHOHo!


Mrs Claus with Santa Carlucci at the fun Jingle Bell Ball!


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