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Mrs Claus Newly Released
 Amazon Kindle Christmas Book
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 Book Description: 
New Christmas Insights, Santa Claus History, Christmas History, Inspiration,
Christmas Symbols & their Meaning,
Fun Christmas traditions from around the world, fun & whacky Christmas insights,
Inspiration & Wisdom
from Santa Claus to inspire a happier life for you & much more!  Whether you believe in the Christmas story or not, this wise & insightful book will be an inspirational & fun resource you'll love!
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  The Ultimate
  Christmas eBook!

   Everything you ever wanted
   to know about Christmas:
   trivia, insights, Christmas symbols,
   meanings, Christmas history, why
   Santa HoHoHo's & the amazing benefits for you!  
   Inspirational new age Santa's wisdom from the 
   ages!  Plus great resources, links & much  
   more.  Comes as an ebook and
   audio ebook plus a CD version
   is available too!

 Also available as
  an audio ebook!

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            Also Mrs Claus has

        a new fun Christmas story
          & inspirational Christmas
            series for children...


   New Adventure    
   for Children!

    Introduce your children
    to Santa's magical new
    fun recruit Bluey!

Colorful eBook also available as an audio book either an mp3 download or on CD with
fun sound effects and a fun positive self-esteem
sing-a-long kids love!  An inspirational childrens Christmas story!  Also makes a great bed-time
story for kids.  They will want to shut their
eyes and go to sleep fast after reading
this magical story!

  Also available as an
  audio ebook with
  fun sound effects &
  a fun sing-a-long!
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Personalized Christmas Message &
Special Blessing from Santa Claus!

      A gift certificate with your name or the name of the person of your   
      choice.  Everyone - young and old will want one for Christmas! 
       Make them feel extra special!   See example:

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 Personalized Angel in Training Certificate!

        A gift certificate for that special person!  The Angel will be assigned
        to the person of your choice.  Her job is to protect them and teach
        them how to make their wishes come true! 
        Everyone - young and old will love this one!

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