Christmas news
                       & special updates
                       from Mrs Claus,
                       Australia's Christmas & Festive expert,
                       Happiness & Peace Ambassador:

      For our Melbourne Australia friends:
You will be able to have photos with
      me (Mrs Claus) and Santa... with you,
      your pet, your family
      at an incredible 50% off.....

  We would love to see you....
   Photos with Santa and Mrs Claus at South Melbourne
   Christmas pet photography too
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  Santa Hat Challenge!
  November 18th 2012
  Australia, Ireland & USA
  will participate to break the world record of
  wearing Santa hats....
  details coming
  In the meantime read about the it here:

  International Santa Claus Peace Village:
  Mrs Claus introduces you to
  Australian Architect making Australian History
  Ben Milbourne, And  designs the
  1st ever iconic Australian home to go into the
  peace village opening in Turkey 2014 with
  40 countries participating.  Here Mrs Claus
  (Bernadette Dimitrov) introduces you to Ben:
  Note:  at the www.TheFamilyYak.com late
  October 2012 a interview with Ben and a
  vodcast with his design and other country's
  designs and more about the project will
  be available for you to listen to... it's truly
  inspirational and fun place for you to holiday too..