Christmas in July!
The annual World Santa Congress - Bakkan Denmark!

With special thanks to our Danish friend:
Mr. Sputnik / Per Krogh Petersen for photos/images/info
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Here is part of the opening ceremony:

Each year for 3 days in town of Bakkan in Denmark Santas, Mrs Clauses, elves & pixies gather from around the world for fun and merry-making.  There are lots of games and a new King Santa is crowned each year as well as a new Pixie or Nisse each year.

The first Father Christmas congress was held in 1957 when Danish artist and entertainer Professor Tribini realised his dream of bringing the world's Santas together for some fun days in the middle of the summer. The day before World Santa Claus Congress starts – the Danish Santa Claus Guild holds its annual meeting at JulemÊndenes Tingsted (Santa Claus Thingstead) in Nisseskoven (Pixie Forest) at Bakken.

To find out more about this great event and how to
attend visit the World Santa Claus Congress:

2011:  Congratulations Santa King Villy:

2011 Pixie (Nisse):
A 12 year old - she must now wear this headscarf
for the next year and will write her name on it!


Christmas in July
Articles by Mrs Claus:

  • Christmas in July – Rekindling the Magic of a Traditional White Christmas
    In recent times "Christmas in July" is popular as an unofficial holiday marked by celebrations which include parties and dinners featuring the traditional heavy hot meals associated with the cooler weather Christmas feasting in the northern hemisphere on December 25. It is also a time to revisit the virtues associated with Christmas: giving, forgiving, love and gratitude and revive and rekindle the spirit that belongs to Christmas!

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    - Christmas in July:
    Nina Amir gives the gift of living fully during
    Christmas in July

    Here are
    just some of the Santa's
    that have been interviewed

    Mrs Claus Visits Santa Michael Rielly
    A third generation Santa Claus and
    the grandson of Rhode Island’s Most Famous Santa Claus!
    He is the Founder of
    the Internet's largest resource and
    social network for Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus & Elves!
    He has two Batchelor Degrees in Santa Claus and
    today we get up close and personal with a Master Santa Claus
    who is ensuring the passing of traditions of
    Santa Claus across generations!

    Visit the above link to hear this show!

    Santa Michael Rielly & with his son Elf Bernard preparing for his Santa Claus debut!

    His grandfather in his original       His famous grandfather!
    Santa Mask in the 1930’s              
    Santa James D. Rielly
    Kids fell for it!                   

    Our special guest today is Michael Rielly who has portrayed Santa Claus for over 18 years and is a third generation Santa Claus. The grandson of Rhode Island's most famous Santa, James D. Rielly, a celebrity Santa whose name is recorded in the Senate Congressional Record as "A Truly Remarkable Santa Claus From Rhode Island".  After the passing of his grandfather in 1991, Michael took over the role as Santa Claus. In his grandfather's honor, Michael appears at many of the same charitable organizations and hospitals his grandfather visited.

    Michael was also the Media and Public Relations Director for Celebrate Santa 2009. He is the founder of the internet's largest online resource and social network for Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and Elves.  He has received two Bachelor degrees in Santa Claus; one from the world famous Charles W, Howard Santa Claus School in Midland Michigan and the other from the International University of Santa Claus.

    When not appearing as Santa Claus, Michael works in high tech sales and marketing. He has over 20 years experience in internet and technology related companies where he has served in various roles; founder, entrepreneur, board member, and business development.

    Today we get up close and personal with a Master Santa Claus!

    Mrs Claus visits Santa Vern
    also known as Sergeant Santa & Santa Oz The Wizard!
    He’s been a Santa for More than 43 Years!
    He & his Bonnie Claus are the owners of
    ‘Santa’s Place’ in New York!
    Today Up Close & Personal
    with a Real Bearded Santa sharing insights into
    his life, loves & recently released book
    ‘A Reindeer named Flag’!

    Visit the above link to hear this show!

    Santa Vern & with his Bonnie Claus! 

    Our Special guest today is Vernon Leroy Phillips alias Santa Claus! Christmas has always been a special time for Vern. He is one of 8 siblings and his brother Gary and his father William were both born on Christmas Day.  Bonnie Claus is Vern’s significant other. Together they have 11 children and 22 grand children, but as the Claus’s, they say they have the children of the world, too.

    He’s been a member to the American Legion, A volunteer fireman, served in the Army Reserves, worked in the underground mines and quarries for 27 years.  He is a member of The 157th New York State Volunteer Civil War Re-enactors and is their Civil War Santa, also know to them as their Sergeant Santa!

    His father was a world War 11 Veteran and Vernon is a Vietnam Veteran.  His youngest son Timothy is in the service and was stationed in Afghanistan for 13 months and is now in Georgia.  Three of his sons, Vernon, Jack, and Timothy pictures are in a book called “Christmas In America”, published in 1989. In the picture they are the three wise men in a scene at Vern’s local Church’s Christmas play.

    Vern has been Santa for 43 years.  He’s been Santa at his local Church for 20 years, a friends diner for 10 years, a mixed handicapped class of children for 10 years as well at private parties and has appeared at malls and parades. He and Bonnie have a shop called Santa’s Place where he is now the resident Santa! 

    Santa Vern is also Santa Oz The Wizard and honored the The Wizard of Oz Parade during it’s 100 year anniversary by being their special Santa: 
    yes he was the Santa Claus for Frank Baum’s parade (author of The Road to Oz and several Santa Claus books).

    Today we get up, close and personal with a real bearded Santa Claus sharing insights into his life, loves and recently released book ‘ A Reindeer named Flag’.

    Christmas in July Gifts:

    Number one: 
    Give from the heart with your
    words, smiles, time, write a poem expressing your gratitude to the ones you love, do extra, give a compliment, do something for some one unexpectedly, help a stranger, a neighbor, tell the people you care about that you love them, give your full attention to the ones you love and don't talk about yourself.  Raise your and the world's vibrational energy by lightening up with laughter and joy.  If you are feeling down and don't think you have much to give, the best thing you can do is go out and help someone else - this will also help you to connect to the spirit of generosity and Christmas in July - you will feel great and make someone else feel special and great too.  If you do want to buy gifts why not give gifts that encourage inspiration, fun and growth!  We are either growing or dying in every moment - give gifts that support growth!  And always remember to smile, it could be the only gift someone gets and it could make their day!

    Happy Christmas in July
    Love to you!
    Mrs Claus Australia xx