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All-Time Favorite Christmas Cookies
Recipe ebook!


Create a family tradition and have a Christmas family or friends 'bake-off'  
This eBook is filled with great recipes that you can make for family
and friends and even as gifts.  Also how about creating a new family fun tradition.  A Christmas family or friends 'bake-off'.  
It is a popular tradition in some parts of the world and here
is how to do it:

-    you go to one family members   
     house or (if friends doing it to
     a chosen friend's house)
     and you all choose a Christmas
     cookie recipe and take it in
     turns cooking the recipe you 
     have each chosen. 
-    You all gather to do the cooking
     at the chosen house on the day
-    At the end of the day you all
     have a taste test and put
     your vote anonymously in a hat
     (vote 1 out of 5 for cookie
     Number 1, 2, 3 etc)
-    The host organizes a special fun
     gift for the winner costing no
     more than $10 - have fun and be
     creative with your gift!
-    Note you take it in turns each
     year to host the bake-off. 
-    Before you all leave you all take
     a few cookies from each
     baking home to enjoy over the
    festive season!

This really makes Christmas extra special as a family tradition. 
It's also good fun for friends and organizations where you can make
a little extra money from the sale of the cookies and have fun at the same time. 

Why not hold a bake-off for the less fortunate in your community and do something really great for others less fortunate by donating the income to a good cause.

Here is just a sample of what
recipes await inside this
mouth watering Christmas cookie
recipe ebook:

  • Christmas Cookie Wreaths!

  • New England Christmas Cookies!

  • Christmas Ginger Cookies!

  • Swedish Christmas Cookies!!

  • Christmas Crescent Cookies!

  • Filled Christmas Cookies!

  • and many more favorites to bake for Christmas!

  • Don't forget to place them
    in the spirit of Christmas with some holly or ivy decorative jars to put them in!

  Remember there is nothing like the smell of freshly baked Christmas cookies and a fun cookie bake-off whether with family or friends to get you in the mood of the festive season!  Something about the way the scent fills your home just seems to bring back fond memories of Christmas, family and the joy of the holiday season. Fulfill your craving for good cookies with these great recipes and a fun tradition to introduce into your family at Christmas - bring fun memories and a tradition to pass down generation after generation!

Order for yourself  
or make someone else
really happy and send them
this great Christmas cookie recipe book as a gift - they'll love it!

This is a great ebook that you can:

  • receive immediately via email upon confirmation of your payment - it's
    an ebook which comes as a pdf file that is easily opened on your computer. 

  • Just print it out or read on screen - it's a little gem! 

  • Also it makes a great gift idea. 
    You can either send it via email to a friend as a surprise gift  and you can send it with your free internet gift card and gift box that we send you with your order - just add your special message and hit send!
    Burn it to a cd, put it in a nice little box, tie a ribbon and you have a sensational gift that will be
    absolutely loved!


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