Santa America/
     Santa Australia Initiative:


A national volunteer service with a very special
mission bringing love, hope and joy to children
and their families with special needs.

An unhurried visit by a loving, committed,
trained, back-grounded Santa to families
facing physical and emotional crisis.

Santa Ian Loxton in Adelaide, Australia is
heading up the Australian initiative. 

Santa Ian has been a long time serving
Santa Claus working in a volunteer
capacity serving special needs children.
If you would like to be part of the Australian
initiative or become a volunteer, donor or
Santa please email Santa America:

       John Scheuch, Executive Director

Telephone from Australia:
0011 1 (913) 908-4937

or contact Bernadette aka Mrs Claus
see details on our 'Contact us' page
and she will put you in contact with
Santa Ian here in Australia.

Help Santa's Mission:

Please donate to / Australia
I am a member on the Board of Advisors - they need your financial support - they are a non-profit organization who specially train volunteer Santa's to bring love, hope & joy to special needs children and families in crisis - your donation is tax deductable.  Please make a gift ... every dollar makes a difference... Thank YOU... you can click on the link below or go directly
to their website & donate at

        Help Santa continue his work world-wide!


Support the
Santa Claus Peace Council:

The Santa Claus Peace Council
in Turkey supports the image of
kindness, peace and love through
Santa Claus-- without

limits of religion, language or race.

Santa realizes that there first must be
peace within each individual, then
within every family, community,
country, and throughout the world.

Join the facebook  Santa Claus
Peace Council group:

Support the work of Santa Claus
awarded the 2009 Peace Prize
from the Santa Claus Peace Council:

President Obama identifies himself on
the White House webpage as a children's
advocate.  President H.W. Bush said,
"There is no more important mission in life
than to love and care for a child."

A UNICEF Ambassador from the
United States observed that,

"There can be no greater measure of our government than the way we treat our
children, and no greater failing on our part
than to allow them to be subjected to violence, abuse, or exploitation."

         "The greatest gift is
  the gift of unconditional love,    
               not presents!"
                Santa Claus!

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