Mrs Claus aka Bernadette Dimitrov

Dear Friend!

My Christmas Poem
for You!

This festive Christmas season choose to stop, relax and take a deep breath and start to really smell the poinsettias, the holly, the pine trees, the chestnuts roasting.  Yes, really take in the beautiful smells of Christmas this festive season!

Relax, take another deep breath and choose to focus on the sounds of Christmas.  What you can hear?  Really hear the words, blessings and good wishes behind each “Merry Christmas” greeting, behind each beautiful Christmas carol and behind each Christmas song you hear this festive Christmas season!

Relax, take a deep breath and look out your window.  Do you see the glistening white snow synonymous with Christmas?  Feel blessed for this experience that many others around the world will never know accept via images on TV or in the movies.  

Relax, take another deep breath and ponder the magnificence of the Christmas tree lights, the sparkling magical reflections of light, the light that is within us all, that connects us all as one!

Relax, take in a deep breath, and pay attention to your breath, the breath of life that is a miracle in itself.  Breathe and pay attention to its life force entering and oxygenating every cell of your body.  Be enchanted and filled with gratitude for this truly amazing gift of life that is given to you each and every second. 

Relax, take another deep breath and decide to lighten up and see and feel the joy of life just like enchanted children during Christmas sightings of Santa!  Look for the magic, beauty and gift in everything you behold with your eyes and choose to feel
a deep sense of gratitude for it.

Relax, take a deep breath and decide to add some magic and enchantment into your Christmas this festive season and read an inspirational Christmas story The Night Before Christmas” by Clement C More.  Allow yourself to be filled with the joy and
enchanted magic of each word. 

Relax, take a deep breath, and choose to commit to smile more often and to give back where ever and however you can. 
Remember your smile, your words, your time, may make a world of difference to someone isolated, alone, or who has lost a loved one this festive season.  For even a stranger a smile can acknowledge and warm a heart
feeling alone or isolated.

Relax take a deep breath and give thanks for everything you have been given; your intellect, your bed to sleep in, the food and water you have each day, the opportunity to work, your family, your spouse, your children, your neighbor, the grocery clerk who packs your food, the tree in your yard, the birds that sing in the trees.  Look for the best and the gift in everything and everyone you meet.  Choose not to judge but to focus on their gifts then bless them and send love to each and everyone you see or meet this festive season.

Lastly take a deep breath and remember to believe, to believe in miracles and know that you are a miracle living on this beautiful and miraculous planet and wish all your brothers and sisters world-wide peace, love and joy on earth this festive Christmas season!

Merry Christmas and a good night to All
Love and blessings to You!

Mrs Claus xx
Author, MC, Speaker, Laughter Teacher & Show Host
”Conversations with Mrs Claus”


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