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Mrs Claus reads
“The Christmas Fairy of Strasburg”

Mrs Claus reads the famous German Christmas folk-tale
“The Christmas Fairy of Strasburg”
by J. Stirling Coyne (adapted)
believed to reveal the origin of the Christmas tree
according to the good folk of Strasburg
A great holiday story for all the family!

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It’s a magical story that you’ll want to get a warm cocoa, relax in your favorite chair and let Mrs Claus take you on a Christmas adventure to a magical fairy land. No matter what age you are this story has something for everyone. If you are a child you will delight in its magic, if you are an adult you will get the added bonus of the wisdom in this story; a reminder to treasure our relationships and not take them for granted because while they are here today they could vanish tomorrow with the utterance of the wrong words. This is the perfect holiday story for the new year – let’s start by remembering to treat each other with the highest respect!

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