Feng Shui ebook


26 Secrets of 

Feng Shui


by Eloise Helm 

  • Make more Money

  • Improve your Health and

  • Find Love & Happiness!

when you design with the

Much like Star Wars, there is an unseen but strong force among us.  This is the force discovered and practiced by the Orient for centuries.  When building a home, know and understand the powers
of Feng Shui and your home will take
on increased powers.  Powers that
improve your health, increase your happiness, brings you love and even
makes it possible to make more money. 

This is a passive power of lines and designs within a home.  Even the
way you set your furniture has a great influence over Feng Shui!

Find out:

  • How to balance your living room!

  • What shape dinning table benefits relationships!

  • Which room in the house is where wealth and abundance is created?

  • What is the 'premier' wealth enhancer!

  • Find out what your lucky number!

  • How to encourage good Chi energy!

  • and lots lots more ...

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