Laugh Your Stress Away!
Laugh for Energy &
the Awesome Health Benefits!

It's so much fun!
So let's Laugh!
Whether fake or real the amazing
health benefits are the same!
Even fake laughter is incredible fun!
So come and laugh for health, happiness
& yes, laugh your stress away!

     Mrs Claus aka Bernadette Dimitrov
     Author, Speaker, MC, Podcast Host
& Laughter Yoga Teacher!

Mrs Claus laughter yoga videos are coming!
In the meantime Laugh here using the videos
below & get the benefits... I do each day!
Enjoy xx
PS.  You can book me to run
laughter sessions - see below:

A little background on laughter
from the medical profession & scientific research:

Laughter for no reason steps:

Laughter Yoga on Discovery Channel:
Discover Health Benefits &
why you'll want to do it ...

Here is Dr Madan sharing
insights about Laughter Yoga:

Laughter Yoga for Seniors 10 Min.session:

Group laughter yoga exercises
but you can do at home, just follow along
and get the benefits too:

Mrs Claus laughter bio:

-  Mrs Claus completes Laughter Yoga Teacher
   Training in Melbourne 2008 with
    Dr Madan Kataria:

Bernadette aka Mrs Claus with Dr Madan Kataria!

Mrs Claus during her training as a Laughter Yoga
Teacher!   He she is with the inspirational Lee Jean who runs a Laughter Club in Malaysia!

Here I am with some of my fellow graduates!

Here I am with some more of my laughter yoga graduates who have come from all over the world. 
Even Santa is here too & all the way from Portugal!

Here I am after graduating with the famous
Mr Moon from Korea, Black Belt Karate, martial artist expert!  We had a lot of laughs!  He performed a martial art performance with me as the other half for his performance as part of the entertainment at the graduation dinner ... whewwwwwwww... he is extraordinaire....  a master performer!

-  Mrs Claus attends:
   Laughter Yoga International Conference
   in Melbourne, Australia in August 2008
   with Dr Madan Kataria, Founder of Laughter
   with people from around the world
   in attendance - Portugal, Japan, Malaysia,
   New Zealand, Korea, Canada, USA and

Mrs Claus with Dr Madan Kataria & friends
from all around the world at Melbourne,
Australia Laughter Yoga Conference


    -  Laugh your troubles away!
    -  Great to release stress
    -  Feel energized, get the health
        benefits and feel happier!
    -  You'r a winner with laughter yoga!


Book Mrs Claus:

Mrs Claus is available to come and lead
a Laughter Yoga class and share the
benefits of laughter yoga.
Sessions can be from 10 minutes up
to 1 hour.  Consider for your:
-  group
-  work (everyone works better, feels
   better) win win for everyone
-  general well being for individuals
-  schools
-  special needs groups


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