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Mrs Claus visits the
Oldest Santa School in the world and speaks with CEO and aka Santa Claus, Tom Vallent!

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This week's magic secret reveals how Santa enters your heart through the benefits and power of generosity!

Ask Mrs Claus a question segment - Michael from Australia has his question answered in this show.  "How does Santa really know if we have been naughty or nice?"

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Mrs Claus visits Simone Walsh,
Unique Christmas Pudding Token Designer
in Sydney, Australia to talk about Christmas Puddings, their history and traditions!

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This weeks magic secret is
    about the power and benefits of rituals!

Ask Mrs Claus a question segment - Anna
    from Denmark
has her question answered
    in this show. 
"Who cooks for Santa?"

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Mrs Claus visits painter
James Bursenos (self portrait left) to talk about his spiritual insights
while painting his distinctive images of Santa Claus!

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This weeks secret discovers
    the magic and benefits of every day being
    a celebration!

Ask Mrs Claus a question segment - Ryan from  New York in America has his question answered  in this show.  "What is Santa's favorite past-time?"

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Mrs Claus visits Christmas Publisher
and Author Christopher Byrnes in Japan
Discover Fascinating Insights about Christmas in Japan
& Get a Free Origami Christmas Craft Ebook

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This weeks magic secret discovers the magic and benefits of embracing all cultures!

Ask Mrs Claus a question segment - Ivana
    from  Bulgaria
has her question answered
    in this show. 
"What language does
     Santa speak?"


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Mrs Claus speaks with the one
and only Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer!
(How he overcame his challenges when he
first arrived at The North Pole!

Comedian Mary Andrews as
Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer!

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This week's secret discover the number one gift - YOU!

Ask Mrs Claus a question segment - Melissa and Lucas
    from Melbourne, Australia
have their
   questions answered in this show
    Bluey Santa's new recruit, drops in with a question
    for Melissa and Lucas too!

   Melissa is featured below with her beautiful
   drawing of Santa and a Christmas tree with her
   brother Lucas on Christmas eve 2006!

Melissa with her brother Lucas enjoying Christmas eve 2006 in Melbourne, Australia!




Mrs Claus visits Dr Joe Rubino in the USA who
shares tips to Boost Your Self Esteem -
Tools for success in your relationships, health & prosperity
PLUS find out how you may be sabotaging yourself unconsciously!

Dr Joe Rubino
Best Selling Author & Success Coach
Personal Development Guru!

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Press Release Dr Rubino Show

- The Legend of the Light-Bearers: A Fable about Personal Reinvention and Global Transformation

This week's secret discovers the benefits forgiveness.

Ask Mrs Claus a question segment - Hans
    from  Germany
has his question answered
    in this show. 
"Does Santa have a
    Christmas Tree?"

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Mrs Claus visits Rebecca Marina,
Energy Transformation Specialist in Texas USA
Discover how to unblock and cleanse
your home & your personal energy field!
Plus get a Free copy of
"7 tips for Spiritual House-cleaning!"


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          Rebecca's Press Release

This week's secret discovers
     expanding yourself with possibilities!

Ask Mrs Claus a question segment - Melinda
    from  Florida
has his question answered
    in this show. 
"Why does Santa wear a
     red suite?"

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Mrs Claus visits charismatic speakerLaugh
 Merv Neal, who at the time of this interview
 was CEO of Laughter Yoga International
Discover the health benefits of a good laugh
Plus enjoy a Laughter Yoga Exercise on this show!

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 This week's secret discover seeds of opportunity are in every problem!

Ask Mrs Claus a question segment - Jaxon from  France has his question answered in this show.  "Where do elves come from?


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Series THREE Starts:   

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Shuford Davis - EzineArticles Expert AuthorMrs Claus visits Dr Davis, PH.D, Relationship Expert
 in Tallahassee, Florida, USA
who will expose 7 deadly
'relationship destroyers' so you can avoid them!

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                                       Dr Davis Press Release

Kristy from England has her questioned answered "What does Santa do after Christmas?"

This week magic secret from the North Pole reveals insights about problems and how they work for you!

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Mrs Claus visits Beth WalterscheidtNational Christmas Tree Association
President, The National Christmas Tree Association
in the USA!  Beth exposes top tips
on how to choose & care for your tree!

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                             Beth's Show Press Release

White House Tree in 2005   Decorated White House Tree "I am honored to represent the NCTA and present the official Christmas tree to the White House as part of a tradition that has been going on since 1966," says Walterscheidt, the first female President!

This week’s secret
discovers the value in problems!

- Ask Mrs Claus a question segment -
Angelina from Florida - What’s Santa’s favorite Christmas Cookie?

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Mrs Claus visits Coach Don, trainer, mentor & therapist
 in the USA to talk about
How to become a Miracle Magnet
& Create Miracles in YOUR Life Today!

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Bluey Press Release

Mrs Claus visits Bluey Santa's New Recruit
at the North Pole to talk about
The Law of Attraction - his first powerful lesson learnt to start the process to make your wishes come true!

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Fun, inspirational story-time for children!
Ebook with fun audio (read by the author)
Also available on CD

- if you want to create fun and cherished
memories around Christmas - then these
are the best gifts
- click on the
images above for more details!




Series Four Starts:   
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Kate's Press Release

Mrs Claus visits Kate Nowak in the USA to talk about
her movie ‘May You Be Blessed’ & the
‘Billion Blessings Experiment’
  You'll discover how Blessings raise your energy, your happiness & how Blessings can magically transform Your life!

To Listen to this show now CLICK HERE!

 Show details:     Our Special guest today is Kate Nowak from Texas in the USA.   For the past twenty years Kate has studied, experimented with and put into practice the basic laws of the universe. Today millions of lives have been touched by Kate’s work.  Her movie ‘May You Be Blessed’ has been seen by over two and a half million people of every culture, faith and every imaginable walk of life. It is Kate's vision that by October 18, 2008 a billion or more people will have been blessed and will, in turn, be reaching out to touch others. She also envisions that day as the first annual International Day of Blessing, with individuals, groups, organizations and even governing bodies all coming together with the common goal of blessing the world.  Her Billion Blessings Experiment is a work of joy and sent forth with passion and a deep and abiding belief that together we can, indeed, bring about world change.

Kate encourages all to view the May You Be Blessed movie frequently as a reminder of all the good in your own life.  By being reminded that you are blessed and that you are a blessing to others, you succeed in raising your own energy vibration. You feel lighter, freer and happier. The better you feel, the better those around you feel. In essence, by raising your own vibration, you raise the vibration of others, blessing those around you by your presence and improving world conditions far more than you realize!

The Movie 'May You Be Blessed'

Kate's Websites:

Mrs Claus visits Wally Bronner founder of Bronners
the largest Christmas store in the World.
A magical wonderful is explored on this call!

To Listen to this show now CLICK HERE!

Guest:  Wally Bronner  Our Special guest today is Wally Bronner who founded Bronners Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, Michigan in the USA in 1945.  Bronners is known as the world’s largest Christmas store.  A fascinating attraction for all ages, open 365 days a year and visited by millions of people each year.  A fascinating development that Wally shares highlights of a magical wonderland on this call.



        Mrs Claus visits Minister, Speaker & Author Joyce Simmons
                     in Fort Worth, Texas who shares one of her
                   magical children’s Christmas stories on this call!
                                       Joyce's Press Release

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Joyce Simmons
Minister, Author & Speaker

Our special guest today is Joyce Simmons
Joyce is an ordained minister, author and dynamic conference speaker.  Joyce has written some beautiful children’s Christmas stories for her family which are truly magical and uplifting. My eyes danced across the pages when reading these joyous and enchanting stories that Joyce had so kindly shared with me and today will share with you.  Joyce’s approach to Christmas is inspirational and one that we can all learn from!

So listen in everyone because at the end of the call one of Joyce’s inspirational and enchanting children’s Christmas stories will be read for you and your family to enjoy "The Christmas Snowbirds"

Dynamic Family Ministries
Faith, Family & Finances


Mrs Claus visits Santa Tim at the University of Santa Claus
where real bearded Santa Claus helpers train for their
Bachelor of Santa Claus Diplomas!

Santa Tim's Press Release

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                           Santa Timothy Connaghan, is the Chancellor of the Interational University of Santa Claus and also the owner of and the Executive Director of AORBS, a national association of over 370 real bearded Santas!  Tim is is the reigning Santa in the annual Hollywood Christmas Parade and whose appearances include the "Dr. Phil" TV show and Jay Lenno Show.

Santa Tim on the Dr Phil Show!

Tim awarding a student with his Santa Diploma!

Real Bearded Santa's relaxing in between classes
at the University of Santa Claus!





Series Five Starts:   

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Mrs Claus visits Paige Stroman  the "Lullaby Mummy"
Discover “Christmas Lullabies"
& their Amazing Benefits!

To Listen to this show now CLICK HERE!


Paige is currently writing lullabies for various companies and singing with the San Antonio Symphony Masters Singers. Paige is a member of the most prestigious Choral organization in San Antonio and has been elected to their Board of Directors.  Paige says that the goal of her work is to provide a retreat in each story and in each song for parents and children to remind them that being together and loving each other is the single most important purpose in life.

Paige has sold over 35,000 CD’s and her CD "Christmas Lullabies to Create Memories" was part of "Baby's First Christmas Photo Package" and sold 10,000 copies in just over 4 weeks upon release - a huge success!

Page has won various awards including Honors Award in Children’s Music Web Awards and her "Mother and Child" CD has been invited to be included in the 2007 Academy Award Gift Bags.

She is a mother affectionately referred to as “the lullaby mummy”! Relaxing and calming her work is truly beautiful and inspirational.

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Mrs Claus visits Merry Battles, Christmas Author
 at Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Discover amazing insights, meditations
  & how to illuminate your self, your inner
light with the transformational
light of the 12 Holy Days of Christmas!

To listen to this show:
Click Here!

Merry Battles
Christmas Author

Our Special guest today is author, therapist,
trainer and speaker Merry Battles.  Merry has
worked in the Healing Arts since 1977. She
began her career working in a salon in Los Angeles frequented by Hollywood Celebrities. Merry
has always approached her work as a healing tool.

Today Merry is a Continuing Education Provider
for Massage Therapists in the State of Florida
and is a sort after public speaker in this area
too.  She has published art, poetry, and writing
in Sedona - Journal of Emergence, Connecting Link, InnerSelf Publications and Natural Awakenings,
among others.

Merry has been a Blogger and Guest Commentary
writer for the United Press International  
website Religion and Her
Christmas book "Christmas Meditations on
the Twelve Holy Days December 26 - January
6" is a 26 year Spiritual dedication to the 12
Holy Days of Christmas which also incorporates
travelling through each sign of the Zodiac. 
Merry has been a student of the ancient
mysteries for many years which is one of
her greatest joys in life along with her grandchildren.

Hear on this call amazing insights related to Christmas
and the 12 holy days to light your inner light like a
Christmas tree!  Find out how, listen in ...

Books recommended on this call by Merry:

Inspiration for her book came from:
"Mystery of the Christos" by Corinne Heline
An esoteric understanding of Christmas & Easter!
"The Mystery of the Christos" was reprinted as New Age Bible Interpretation   Mystery of the Christos Vol.VII
 (hardback book) Amazon does not have copies but the New Age Bible and Philosophy Center 1139 Lincoln Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90403 may have copies... their address

The Mystical City of God: Life of the Virgin Mother of God,
manifested to Sister Mary of Jesus of Agreda, 1602-1666
Read on line for free:

Molecules Of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine
by Candace Pert
Click Here!

hristmas Meditations on the Twelve Holy Days
December 26 - January 6
Written and Illustrated by Merry C. Battles
Participate in an Spiritual dedication to the twelve holy days of Christmas.
Join in this opportunity to connect with your Spirit
and the true meaning of the Christmas Season.
To purchase or find out more visit:



                       Mrs Claus visits Crowne Plaza Royal Pines Resort
                                    on the Gold Coast in Australia
                  To find out about their Exciting Christmas Celebrations!

Corporate Christmas Masquerade Ball
The Christmas Masquerade Ball!

Our special guest today is  Chelsea Steber, Director of Communications at the Crowne Plaza Royal Pines Resort on the
Gold Coast in Australia.  This resort holds each year a Christmas extravaganza!

They hold a corporate Christmas party each year and each year the theme changes.  This year people will come in their most lavish disguises for an evening of live entertainment, sumptuous feasting and a chance to win great prizes at their most enchanting Christmas event The Christmas Masquerade Ball. 

The Crowne Plaza Royal Pines Resort Australia is located in the heart of the Gold Coast, midway between the magnificent beaches of Surfers Paradise and the lush rainforests of the Hinterland.  Situated on more than 200 hectares of magnificently landscaped gardens, the resort is one of the largest of its kind in Queensland

The yearly Christmas events are said to full of mystery and excitement!

This show will bring back some history of the 12 days of Christmas celebrations now a faint memory of the past! 




Mrs Claus visits Famous Santa Tom an extraordinary
Christrmas story teller in Canada!
Who reveals how to create magical memories
              with Christmas stories!    

To listen to this show
Click Here!     

Famous Santa Tom!
Extraordinary Christmas story teller!

Our Special guest today is Santa Tom the founder and Moderator of the Fraternity of International Real Bearded Santa's and Santa’s Across the Globe as well as the Assistant Manager of the Santa Claus Hall of Fame.   He’s not only a popular and loved feature around the Okanagan in Canada but a loved and recognized Santa across the globe!

He’s Jovial, quick witted, fun loving with a Real beard and Real boots!  Santa Tom and his helpers are constantly perfecting the role and the image in a quest to become one of the best Santa experiences ever.

Santa Tom’s portfolio includes USA Today, Wall Street Journal, CBC Radio, ABC, NBC, Disney Channel, CBC News World, Time Magazine, MTV Live as well as many others.  He is a consummate story reader and has a series of Christmas story videos for children and families which are a truly magical experience. 

Today we are delighted to introduce to you one of the most authentic, real bearded Santa's today!  He knows how to create fun and a leave a positive impact whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart! 

So listen in everyone as I introduce you to Santa Tom in his home town of Kelowna in beautiful Canada who will share with us the delights of story telling and portraying Santa Claus!

                Elf & Mrs Claus!                          Santa Tom having a nap!
                Santa Tom's helpers!

Santa Tom's websites:

Sleighrider Media
Video messages to children
Video messages to adults and business
Story time video with Santa
Signed pictures
Cards and more

Santa's across the Globe
MSN Santa group
hosted by Santa Tom

Fraternity of International Real Bearded Santa's
Where the Real Santa's meet!

Contact Santa Tom:

or 250-470-8575
Kelowna, BC.



Mrs Claus visits based in USA
Discover how acts of kindness can transform your, your families life and your community today!

Our Special guest today is Steve, who like all involved with Project Kindness, wishes to remain anonymous. is a global organization that exists to enhance the lives of children and families in a variety of ways. It is funded by anonymous anonymous entrepreneurs and corporate leaders, who posses a deep and abiding belief that together we can, indeed, bring about positive, empowering change in individual and family lives, one kind deed at a time.

One of its initiatives is providing a simple way to spread joy through the sending of online encouragement in the form of "Kindness Grams". 

While Project Kindness is a website and their specialty is providing digital ways to spread kindness, they also encourage physical acts of kindness as doing something to help others is a natural next step.

So listen in everyone as I introduce you to Steve who will share with us how to put Project Kindness into work in your life today!


FREE - send a kindness gram and make a
difference in one life today:




                                       New Series Starts:


Mrs Claus visits Kathryn Tull, M.A. Consultant, Therapist & Trainer in Los Angeles USA
Discover 10 Top Communication Tips to Create Positive Relationships this Festive Season!

   Our Special guest today is Kathryn Tull a charismatic and much sought after speaker, trainer, consultant and therapist. Kathryn holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. She delivers programs that educate, motivate, inspire and empower adults and teens from all walks of life and circumstances. With rare authenticity she integrates her personal journey, professional experiences, research, clinical experience and specialized education.

Her Signature Program, Take the Next Bold Step!™, delivers an inspiring and practical system for stepping up to accomplish your goals and aspirations.

She has a growing private clinical practice in Los Angeles, in addition to providing therapy to foster children and their families for a state-wide family services agency. She is certified trainer for “Adults and Children Together Against Violence”, a violence prevention program of the American Psychological Association and the National Committee on Education of Young Children. She is a published contributing author and poet, with two books of her own in the works.

Utilized for her expertise on both radio and television, Kathryn provides trainings for professionals as a Certified Provider of Continuing Education with the California State Board of Behavioral Sciences, as well as teaching at the graduate university level. 

Kathryn’s website:


Mrs Claus visits Christmas, author, Expert &
 extraordinary Christmas story teller Dale Powell Known as “The Man Who Lives For Christmas!”

This is a really great show -
To Listen
Click Here!

Our Special guest today is Dale Powell a Christmas author and expert from Lucasville, Ohio in the USA.  Dale is an educator who has become an "edutainer". He still teaches at a middle school and a university, but manages to bring his speaking, acting, and storytelling talents via radio and TV as well as traveling up 50 days per year.

Dale's expertise lies in holidays, particularly Christmas. 

Dale is a teacher and storyteller who is the author of Timothy Cratchit's Christmas Carol, 1917 which was the #1 Christmas book in December 1998- a sequel to the Charles Dickens Christmas Classic. In the new tale, Dale tells what happened to Scrooge AFTER a Christmas Carol.  Yes the saga of Ebeeneezer Scrooge continues in a metaphysical triumph of the human spirit in “Timothy Cratchit's Christmas Carol, 1917”

Dale has fascinated audiences throughout the USA and in Canada since 1998 on more than 480 radio programs. (He's also done five TV appearances- including his own one man play “The Transformation of Ebenezer Scrooge” on cable's FamilyLife TV.

Dale Powell is known for his extraordinary on-air impersonations of Dickens characters and fascinating insights into Christmas customs, traditions and trivia.

Dale's Christmas story book - a #1 on

      A sequel to the Charles Dickens holiday classic “A Christmas Carol”.  The saga of Ebeeneezer Scrooge continues in a metaphysical triumph of the human spirit in Timothy Cratchit's Christmas Carol, 1917 (Paperback)
Dale Powell
To Purchase this book from Amazon:  CLICK HERE!

Dale's Website:

Dale's email:


Mrs Claus visits Barbara Nicholson, Founder & President of Attachment Parenting International!
Discover Transformational insights & Tips for Parents - how & why to create strong, healthy emotional bonds
between parents & children!

 Our Special guest today Barbara Nicholson who co-founded  Attachment Parenting International in 1994 and serves as the President of the Board of Directors.  Barbara holds a masters degree in Education, specializing in learning disabilities.

Barbara has served on the development committee for the Maternal Infant Health Outreach Program at Vanderbilt University. Barbara is the mother of four adult sons and resides in Nashville, Tennessee in the USA where she speaks with us today!

The mission of Attachment Parenting International (API) is to promote parenting practices that create strong, healthy emotional bonds between children and their parents. They believe these practices nurture and fulfill a child's need for trust, empathy, and affection, providing a lifelong foundation for healthy, enduring relationships.

Through education, support, advocacy and research, API seeks to strengthen families and increase awareness of the importance of secure attachment, ultimately helping to reduce or prevent child abuse, behavioral disorders, criminal acts and other serious social problems.

Today we are delighted to introduce to you to Barbara who will share with us tips to promote strong healthy emotional bonds between parents and their children!

Website: www 


Mrs Claus visits Ray Dodd, Author
of Belief Works &The Power of Belief!
Discover the POWER of beliefs – Are you in conflict?  Do your beliefs sabotage or support you?  Find out how to create
new beliefs to affect lasting and positive change!

To listen
Click Here!

Our Special guest today is Ray Dodd.  In 1996, after a chance meeting at the pyramid ruins in Teotihuacan, Mexico, Ray Dodd embarked on a 6-year apprenticeship with don Miguel Ruiz M.D. (author of the best-selling book, The Four Agreements). Ray, who is now the author of BeliefWorks and The Power of Belief, helps both individuals and businesses forge new beliefs to affect lasting and positive change. A former professional musician and engineer with many years in corporate management, he is a master coach, teaching seminars about BeliefWorks™, and applying the age-less wisdom of the Toltec to life and business.

Today we are delighted to introduce to you to a master of insights, Ray Dodd, who will share with us the power of BeliefWorks!



Mrs. Claus visits Famous Bo Riddle in the USA!
This legendary Boot maker to the stars is also
country & Christmas singer and songwriter!
Discover & Delight in Two New Toe Tapping
Christmas Songs!

Bo Riddle
Christmas Singer, Songwriter & Story-teller!

To listen to this show
Click Here!

  Our Special guest today is Bo Riddle who speaks to us from his hometown in Missouri in the USA.  Bo has written two sensational Christmas songs that he will share with us on the call today.   Bo is mostly known as the legendary bootmaker to a parade of Nashville stars including Lee Greenwood, Alan Jackson, Kenny Chesney and — one of the most style-conscious country entertainers ever, Marty Stuart, who is said to rarely takes the stage without having on a pair of Bo’s boots.  Bo’s boots have been featured in museums and in coffee table books celebrating the art of the cowboy boot.

Bo is now making inroads into the Christmas arena with Christmas story telling, singing, songwriting and performing! 

Today we are delighted to introduce to you Bo Riddle who loves to make, boots, write songs, tell stories and loves to fiddle around!

Today he'll share two of his newest and latest
Christmas songs to hit the market:
"Camouflage Santa Claus" and "Mrs Santa Claus"

Bo with country music star
Marty Stuart & Bo's boots
he is wearing!

Bo's website:

To purchase his music:





Mrs Claus visits Nina Amir,
Writer, Speaker & Teacher in California, USA
Who reveals Secrets to
Manifesting Your Dreams & Desires in the New Year!

Discover what to do so you don't become one
of the four out of five
people who make New Year's resolutions
and fail to keep them!

  Special guest today is Nina Amir, an acclaimed author, journalist, editor, speaker, workshop leader and teacher who focuses her work on Jewish spiritual and mystical subjects. Through her writing and teaching Nina helps people of all faiths live their lives fully, manifest their dreams and desires and transform empty religious rituals into meaning-full and spirit-full practices.

Nina has spent the last 25 years on a spiritual journey, which took her down many different paths where she studied a variety of metaphysical, scientific, spiritual, religious, self-help, and human-potential tools, philosophies and practices. 

Although much of  her work, books and talks revolve around Jewish mystical topics, they incorporate much broader metaphysical and spiritual concepts and apply to Jews and non-Jews alike. She infuses traditional religious rituals with meaning and Divine connection, on developing positive spiritual approaches to life and on learning how to manifest goals and dreams.

Today we are delighted to introduce to you Nina Amir from her home in Los Gatos, California where she will share with us secrets to manifesting your dreams and desires in the new year!

Nina's website:




Mrs Claus visits Cheryl Wright, Best Selling Author
from Melbourne, Australia
Discover inspirational insights as to how
Cheryl overcame her challenges &
lives her passions today which includes
authoring Christmas books!


Cheryl Wright
Author, Journalist & Editor

Cheryl Wright is an award-winning Australian author, freelance journalist, and book editor. In addition to an array of other projects, she is the owner of the Writer2Writer website and the Writer to Writer monthly ezine for writers. 

She is widely published, including novels, short stories, non-fiction books, poetry, and magazine features. Her work has also been published in anthologies and other collections. In addition, she dabbles in website design and other creative endeavours. Cheryl presents workshops at schools, libraries, and writer’s conferences, and teaches writing online when time permits. Cheryl has also been the judge many (fiction) writing competitions.

In addition to being multi-published in non-fiction articles, short stories, poetry and humour articles, I am the author of best selling ebooks Think Outside the Square: Writing Publishable (Short) Stories, I Wanna Win! - Tips for Becoming an Award Winning Writer and my latest book Outside the Square Fiction Workshop. I also conduct online fiction workshops on a regular basis, as well as presenting workshops to conferences, libraries, schools, and writer's groups.

Apart from writing, her passions are family, cooking and crafts. Christmas is a very special time of the year for Cheryl and so
she created a new website for Christmas which includes her
new Christmas ebook "A very Aussie Christmas".

Cheryl will share personal insights and inspiration which lead her
to her passions today including her Christmas writings:

Recipes from the Personal Collection

of Award Winning Australian author

Cheryl Wrigh
Click Here!

This collection includes all my tried and true favourites - the very recipes I use each and every year. Some have been passed down from generation to generation, others I've picked up along the way. They're all relatively easy, otherwise I wouldn't be using them; I simply don't have the time to fiddle about with difficult recipes.

Many of these family recipes are accompanied by anecdotes from my childhood, in some cases explaining why they are so special to me.

Here's what you'll find inside:

Traditional Recipes:

Traditional Plum Pudding

Traditional Christmas Cake

Rum Balls

Traditional Shortbread

Rocky Road

Rice Bubble Slice

Orange Segments with Brandy

Christmas Sauces:

Brandy Cream

Chantilly Cream

Diabetic Recipes:

Diabetic Christmas Cake

Diabetic Christmas Pudding

Quick and Easy Diabetic Christmas Pudding

Cheryl's websites:




Mrs Claus visits Tate Metcalf, President of
Sister Chamber of Commerce In the USA
Discover the town of tiny lights
that celebrates a Cowboy Christmas!
A unique event that embraces & honors
the pioneering spirit!

to Listen to this show
Visit Here

Tate Metcalf
President of  the Sisters Chamber of Commerce

Tate has been in the Wellness Industry since 1988.  He started as an intern in a hospital based wellness center in his home state of South Dakota.  He received a degree in Exercise Physiology/Kinesiology from the University of Northern Colorado.  Tate was the Assistant Manager at the Athletic Club of Bend in Bend Oregon before starting the Sisters Athletic Club in 2001.  Tate is also the current President of the Sisters Chamber of Commerce.

The Sisters Area Chamber of Commerce, Black Butte Ranch, Camp Sherman, Suttle Lake and Hoodoo Mountain Resort in the USA are partnering to bring about a “Cowboy Christmas” in The Sisters Country, a community embracing and living the pioneering spirit. who is committed to honoring its western heritage.

Events are planned from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve.  A Tree Lighting ceremony, Christmas parade and visits with Santa will kick off the events after Thanksgiving and culminate with the fireworks display at Hoodoo on New Year’s Eve.

One of the signature events of the Cowboy Christmas is the Home on the Range a gingerbread display which incorporates gingerbread homes, stores or structures made of 51% edible materials with displays throughout Sisters at various locations on the Gingerbread House Trail. 

Other holiday events include a Breakfast with Santa at Black Butte Ranch, special Christmas movie matinees at Sisters Movie House, wine tasting, ice carving contest, Christmas Bazaar at Camp Sherman, and much more that you will discover on today’s call!


Mrs Claus visits Christmas story teller and singer
Gary Sundblad in Michigan, USA!
Today you can delight in meeting Gary
and listening to his magical
Christmas story & Song
”SnowLight Snowbright”






Our Special guest today is Gary Sundblad who speaks with us today from his home town in Michigan in the USA.

A photo of Gary's home (mid centre) surrounded by
snow where he speaks to us today!

Gary was born in 1955 in a small town in Northern Michigan.  After graduating from Michigan Technological University in 1976,
he moved to Iowa, where he worked for many years as an electronic systems troubleshooter.  After his father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2001, he moved back to his hometown again so that he might help him in his final years. Gary now lives once again in his boyhood home in Northern Michigan.  Through the ups and downs of life Gary found inspiration and shares his insights, creative talents including his Christmas story “SnowLight Snowbright” and his Christmas CD “Me and My Drum” with us today – both are true delights!

Left to right: Ashbin, Gary, and Kardor
Gary with his two backing vocalists featured on
"Ya You Betcha Christmas"

     On a street in the city one Christmas Day .......................... 
YOU may be the one to believe...............
Gary's Christmas CD

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Mrs Claus visits Lynn Jericho in the USA

the Gift of Richer Personal Meaning Every Christmas!

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Our Special guest today is Lynn Jericho, from Jersey City, New Jersey.  Lynn is  a holistic integrative counselor, educator, author and speaker in the USA. Lynn has clients all over the world who work with her by phone and email.  She has given talks and led workshops in the US, Canada and England.

Lynn has traveled the bumpy, twisting road of life and experienced first hand enormous challenges along the way.  Today she lives in joyful celebration and gratitude while living life fully.  Lynn turned her life inside out and found everything she longed for and more than she imagined.

Lynn has worked on her own inner development and healing. She experienced and studied a variety of therapeutic schools and did significant work with different therapists and workshops on self-development. She read extensively and exhaustively in all areas relating to the well-being of the individual.  She integrates scientific, psychological and spiritual perspectives on the healing and development of the soul.  Today she shares her enormous insights, wisdom and healing practices with clients from all around the world.

Lynn has a creative eye and sensitivity with a background that also includes working as an interior designer which she says was valuable training for the soul work she does today.  She believes that counseling requires the same sensitivity and absence of personal agenda other than to serve what is unfolding and she says that is how the relationship works with her counseling clients - from dependency to independence which she says is immensely satisfying.

Lynn is the author of Ground Zero and the Human soul - The Search for the New Ordinary Life and has created the personal development programs Dreams on Fire and The Outrageous Feminine. 

On December 18th, 2006, Lynn sent a brief flash movie called The Inner Christmas Movie, to the 223 people on her mailing list.  At the end of the movie she gave viewers the opportunity to subscribe to her Inner Christmas messages - on each day between December 25 and January 6.  By January 6, 39000 individuals in over 60 countries had viewed the movie and 10000 had subscribed to her messages.

Today we are delighted to introduce to you to Lynn who will share with us insights from her work on Inner Christmas.

Lynn's websites:



Mrs Claus visits Christmas Singer & Songwriter
Sharon Kizziah-Holmes in the USA!
Sample Sharon’s Great Christmas Songs &
Discover insights behind Sharon’s
“Christmas Songs for You” CD
Plus Sharon shares some personal
Christmas insights & traditions!


Our Special guest today is Sharon Kizziah-Holmes who speaks to us today from her hometown in Missouri in the USA.

Sharon’s father was a musician and her mom a nurse. She inherited her father’s musical talents, and at the age of 12 began writing songs. At 19 she went on the road with a band of her own.

Knowing she wouldn’t be playing music all of her life, of course unless stardom came into play, her parents suggested she go to barber school. She interrupted her music career and attended barber collage, in Lubbock Texas. After graduation, she went right back to playing music.

In 1979 she met guitar player, Dennis Holmes. For the next few years their band, Hickory Wind, played music in Canada, Alaska and 20 of the lower 48 states. Dennis and Sharon married and moved to the Ozarks on the request of a fellow musician. There they played music and Sharon cut hair until she and her husband retired from playing music publicly in 1996.

She became interested in writing romance novels. Her first book, Ride the Storm, was published in May of 2002. Her second book, A Star That Twinkled, But Never Got to Shine, a story about her father’s life in the music business, was published in 2005.

Now, Sharon and her husband, who attended barber school in 1996, own The Barber Shop in the Ozarks and have recently opened a professional recording studio. Sharon spends her spare time writing novels, writing songs, playing in the studio and enjoying her family and her dogs.

Today we are delighted to introduce to you Sharon who has a beautiful Christmas CD that she will share with us today!

Ask Mrs Claus a question segment:
Ben from Texas
asks Mrs Claus:
Where do Christmas trees really come from?

Mrs Claus has done some research and you'll probably
be very surprised - so listen in!

This Weeks Magic Secret segment:
Encourage those around you - "Whether or not we realize it each of us has within us the ability to set some kind of example for people. Knowing this would you rather be the one known for being the one who encouraged others, or the one who inadvertently discouraged those around you?"
Josh Hinds
Syndicated Columnist and Author

Win a Prize Segment:
For this months prize Write to Mrs Claus and tell her
what is your favorite Christmas tradition and at the
end of the month Santa’s head elf WinterWhite will pull
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announce the winner! The winner will be announced on the show. This month’s prize is a copy of the world’s best Christmas eBook & audio book ‘The HoHoHo Factor’ - everything you’ll love to know and share about Christmas!
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Mrs Claus takes a journey into the world of
kid’s animation with a visit to Brett Eagleton
Film-maker from Melbourne, Australia

   Our Special guest today is Brett Eagleton who speaks with us today from his home town in Melbourne, Australia.

Brett has been involved in the production of more than 30 films in various capacities, primarily writer/producer but also actor and director.  His last film was ‘Sex and Sensitivity’ a low budget digital feature made in 2004 that he directed, produced, devised and played the leading role.

Prior to that Brett’s films were primarily short films and documentaries. One called ‘Hang Up’ screened at the Cannes Film Festival and more than 20 other major film festivals worldwide and another called ‘Juicy’ won 2nd prize in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Metfest short film competition in Australia.

Currently Brett is working on his newest film, a kids animation that he has written and will direct that is original, unique and with an inspirational message about the healing power of love in our lives.  It will be an inspirational fun adventure to look forward to in the future once commercially released.

Today we are delighted to introduce to you to Brett Eagleton who takes us on a journey into the world of kids animation.



Mrs Claus visits the Elf Reviewer, Elf Michael
Direct from The North Pole!
Today he reviews the most famous Christmas
poem ever "Twas The Night Before Christmas"
& reveals some controversy
& insights you'll love to know!

    Elf Michael
    The Official Elf Reviewer for Santa Claus!

Mrs. Claus visits Elf Michael, who is the resident “Elf Reviewer” for Santa Claus at the North Pole.
Today Mrs Claus gets the low down direct from
Elf Michael who knows his stuff!  He reviews,
researches and reviews for Santa 52 weeks of
the year.  Reviews include Christmas music, latest
toys, gadgets, movies, stories and so much more.

He comes to us in this show direct from the North Pole.  Today Elf Michael delights listeners with his review and insights about the most famous Christmas poem ever “Twas the Night Before Christmas!”  He even let's
you know of a little controversy re this poem you probably do not know!  He also reveals the original copies
that are still in tact today!  Plus he'll take you down
a magical wonderland as he finishes off by
delighting listeners by reading the original poem.

Listeners will love insights and reviews with Elf Michael!

Here is a fun video of the Elves Dancing -
Which one do you think is Elf Michael?
I'll give you a hint - he is incognito!



Mrs Claus visits Vasthi Reyes Acosta
a native New Yorker &
Christmas Author!
Discover Inspiration & Hope as well as the
Sites & Sounds of a Romantic Christmas
in New York:
“A Big Apple Christmas”


Introduction by Mrs Claus:

Our Special guest today is Vasthi Reyes Acosta is a native New Yorker, who resides in the Washington Heights/Inwood neighborhood of Manhattan with her husband and two teenaged children. She is excited about writing stories that bring a message of hope through Latino characters. She wants readers to find themselves reflected in her work and to learn about her heritage and her hope, God.

Today we are delighted to introduce to you to Vasthi who will share with us insights from her beautiful Christmas book “A Big Apple Christmas”

A Big Apple Christmas is a collection of four contemporary inspirational stories. Readers are given diverse characters and adventures as four couples find romance in New York City during the holiday season:
1.  Moonlight and Mistletoe
by Carrie Turansky
Christmas plans are set askew when schedule-bound professional organizer Sarah Montgomery meets free-spirited poet Justin Latimer. As the work together on a project for her neighbor, romantic sparks fly-but will new revelations douse them?

2.  Shopping for Love
by Gail Sattler
Holiday bustle is the means two tourists try to use to get lost in the crowds. But when Brian Evans literally knocks Emily Jones off her feet, her heart’s secrets are spun even more off balance.

3.  Where the Love Light Gleams
by Lynette Sowell
Christmas in Rockefeller Center puts a widow’s spruce tree on center stage. Professor Theophilus Stellakis volunteers to host Gwynn Michaud, and they both find new dreams in the glow of the holiday lights.

4.  Gifts from the Magi
by Vasthi Reyes Acosta
The gift of the Magi comes full circle for two lonely Latinos when Cecilia Montes takes time out of her busy schedule to help an old friend with youth group activities. But, can she trust her heart to Elias Perez?

A Big Apple Christmas website:




Mrs Claus Visits Christmas Author Marnie Pehrson
who shares & gives away free ebook versions
of her latest Christmas book
"Miss Humbug"
Come & discover inspiration & the
true meaning of Christmas!

New release - Christmas Book!

Marnie Pehrson
Author & Teacher

Miss Humbug, has set out to take positive action to share the true meaning of Christmas by giving away free copies of the ebook version to site visitors. In the novel, high powered marketing executive Elaina Houston would rather work than celebrate. Not only is Christmas a complete waste of time and money in her opinion, but also it brings with it haunting memories that drive Elaina further into her frigid shell. Work is the only answer, but she's surrounded by coworkers who bask in the holiday glow, constantly reminding her of painful memories from Christmases gone by.

Then one night, a week before Christmas, her past comes back to haunt her, and she's given an ultimatum. Either she learns the Spirit of Christmas or she won't live to see another December 25th.

"The book is about one woman's quest to understand and implement the time-tested values that Christmas symbolizes - generosity, love, human-kindness, and peace." says Pehrson, author of over a dozen fiction and nonfiction inspirational titles. "The way I see it, we have two choices. We can throw away the symbol because it has become corrupt or we can restore it to its former greatness. Some say we should eliminate Christmas because a few might be offended. Others say to abolish it because it has become corrupt. But what if we could restore it? Would any find offense at the original icon? I've never met anyone who's offended by peace, love, unity, and generosity. I'm sure there are some people out there who live in diametric opposition to these principles. But do we want to cater to them as a society? Do we want to foster the antithesis of these principles? I think not. "

"Along with Elaina, I hope readers will come away understanding that it's the small and simple things that bring great things to pass. It's not the gizmos and gifts or tinsel and trees that make Christmas so influential. It's those Christ-like values that illuminate a darkening world. We need them now more than ever!" concludes Pehrson.




Mrs Claus visits based in USA
Discover Amazing Ways to deliver acts of kindness
to transform your life,
your child's life, your families life
& your community today!

Our Special guest today is Steve, who like all involved with Project Kindness, wishes to remain anonymous (many are people of notoriety and celebrities). is a global organization that exists to enhance the lives of children and families in a variety of ways. It is funded by anonymous entrepreneurs and corporate leaders, who posses a deep and abiding belief that together we can, indeed, bring about positive, empowering change in individual lives, family lives and communities, one kind deed at a time.

One of its initiatives is providing a simple way to spread joy through the sending of online encouragement in the form of "Kindness Grams". 

While Project Kindness is a website and their specialty is providing digital ways to spread kindness, they also encourage physical acts of kindness as doing something to help others is a natural next step.

So listen in everyone as I introduce you to Steve who will share with us how to put Project Kindness into work in your life today!

Project Kindness is FREE!
Live the spirit of Christmas every day
- discover how to get involved
in transformational acts of kindness today!


Constant kindness can accomplish much. As the sun makes ice melt, kindness causes misunderstanding, mistrust, and hostility to evaporate.
- Albert Schweitzer

How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.
- William Shakespeare



Mrs Claus visits Phil Zachariah
in Melbourne, Australia
Discover insights from an amazing actor renowned for his Brilliant one man
show and performance of
Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol”
A Classic Tale!


Our Special guest today is Dickens performer Phil Zachariah from Melbourne, Australia.  Phil is an accomplished character actor with a talent for Dickensian caricature that is very impressive.  His energetic and engaging performances are sold out at Christmas each year as he performs Dickens best known work “A Christmas Carol” first published in 1843.

Dickens himself first performed his play publicly on the 27th December 1853 giving every single character a different voice, a different style and a different face.  Dickens was a superstar 150 years ago where the hottest ticket in London was Charles Dickens reading his own works.  During the last 17 years of his life Dickens gave 444 solo performances of his work in Great Britain, the United States and on the Continent.

Today in Melbourne, Australia, actor Phil Zachariah has been performing and touring this famous Christmas play since 2003 in a production that has defied expectations, touring the east coast of Australia to standing ovations and sold out houses.  Working from the original prompt copy, including directions in the author's handwriting, performer Phil Zachariah and Director James Adler have created an
outstanding performance.

This uproariously funny, profoundly moving story of redemption performed by Phil Zachariah has been declared the one show not to miss at Christmas in Australia!

Today we are delighted to introduce to you to an outstanding performer of this famous Dickens play, Phil Zachariah who will share with us insights from his famous performances.

Phil Zachariah brilliant Dickens character performer!




Mrs Claus visits Movie Producer, Michael Sodano
in the USA.  Discover “Rock & a Heart Place”
moving, inspiring, and a true tale about the
gift of human kindness, the power of music &
how the actions of one individual & a
group of individuals can have
a truly positive effect on a community!

Michael Sodano with co-Producer Nancy Sabino

Our Special guest today is Michael Sodano who is one of the founders of JerseyDocs, LLC and CEO of Eventure, Inc a production company located in New Jersey USA since 1983. In addition to domestic and international projects for Fortune 100 companies, Mike produced his first feature length documentary “Greetings from the Parking Lot” in 1999. Mike is a member of AIVF, a loyal Apple user and has been directing and editing video for over 30 years. Most recently, Mike joined the non-profit organization Outpost in the Burbs – producing local interest rock/folk concerts and entertainment. 

Today we are delighted that Michael will share with us insights and inspiration from his award winning documentary “Rock and a Heart Place” which he produced with Nancy Sabino.  It’
s a true feel good inspiring holiday themed movie that tells the story of one of the world’s greatest Jersey shore rock’n roll Christmas volunteer armies “The Holiday Express”.  The documentary details and follows the devastation that hit the psyche of America after 9/11.  Holiday Express is determined to fill the huge hole left by the fateful tragedies of 9/11 and embarks on an impossible performing schedule of 50 shows in the 30 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas – can they pull it off – you’ll have to watch and see!
The mission of Rock and a Heart Place is to inspire people to help themselves and others, by sharing an amazingly heartwarming story about a group who are making a difference.   The story is an exceedingly compelling reminder that no matter what the circumstances, it is possible and essential to enjoy life with a child-like spirit.  It is a tribute the true meaning of Christmas, realizing that only by reaching out can we reach in and tap our humanity!

It is my great pleasure to introduce Michael Sodano.

It’s time to get inspired, it’s time to give back!

ROCK and a HEART PLACE is now available as a resource for education, volunteer centers and others to help inspire audiences toward volunteerism and other forms of civic responsibility. Click Here to obtain a DVD copy of ROCK and a HEART PLACE for your organization or school.


Special 35 minute Educational Version of the feature length film included on the DVD - perfect for classroom and seminar applications.
Download a Leader's Discussion Guide.
Read how others have used the film.


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Mrs Claus visits Relationship Expert Dr Davis
in Tallahassee, Florida, USA
 Discover why you should NEVER say
“I Love You”
in the first six months of dating!

Relationship Expert
Dr Davis
with his wife.

Our Special guest today is Dr Davis PH.D a marriage and family therapist and relationship expert who has been treating couples, families and individuals for forty years!   Dr Davis is the founder of dedicated to supporting singles, families and couples in having and living in great relationships.

Dr. Davis is a Clinical Member and Approved Supervisor of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and is currently President of the Tallahassee Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. He is a Disaster Mental Health Volunteer and Spiritual Care Trainer for the American Red Cross.

Dr Davis speaks with us today from his home town Tallahassee, Florida in the USA which is also home to the Kennedy Space Center and Disney World. 

So listen in everyone as I introduce you to our friend Dr Davis who will share with us solid reasons based on years of clinical experience why you should never say “I Love You” in the first six months of dating.

Dr Davis Website:



Mrs Claus visits Popular Talk Show Host
Julie Johnson
a Law of Attraction Specialist,
and workshop facilitator!
Discover amazing insights re
The Law of Attraction
to put you back in the driving seat
to manifest the life you want!


Julie Johnson
Popular Talk Show Host &
Law of Attraction Specialist!

Our Special guest today is Julie Johnson, a Law of Attraction specialist, workshop facilitator and popular talk show host.  Julie hosts Law of Attraction Talk Radio which is networked to over a million listeners weekly.
Needless to say Julie’s show attracts Law of Attraction experts, NY Times Bestselling Authors, Quantum Physicist and top Spiritual Leaders in the world as guests.  And the most amazing thing is that Julie achieved all of this in just 7 months. How can this happen in just 7 months?  By applying the Law of Attraction!

Today Julie will share with us her insights and tips on how you too can create your desires and live a joyous and happy life.  So if you want to get back into the drivers seat and manifest the life you want listen in because you are going to love this show.

Website & "Feel Good" Page:

Radio show:



Mrs Claus Visits an Australian Anglican priest
who doubles as a stand up comedian,
laughter Workshop Leader & is a loved
regular Australian TV & Radio Guest
who believes the 11th commandment is
“Though Shalt Laugh”!

Reverend Howard Langmead
Social Commentator, Comedian, Laughter Leader & Priest!

Howard is vicar of St. John's Anglican Church West Brunswick – an inner urban Melbourne church that defies the national trends by steadily growing. He is part-time in the parish to give time to his comedy and media work. Howard's mission is to make God and people laugh!

Howard has been writing and performing stand up comedy since 1995.  He has performed on the pub circuit in Melbourne, at clubs, at churches of every denomination, and at community and corporate events as well as regularly appearing in the Melbourne International comedy Festival. 

Howard is a former primary school teacher and is a member of the International Society for Humour Studies. Howard says that “Apart from being the ultimate stress-buster, laughing releases endorphins, the body’s feel-good hormones.”

Howard is an informed, savvy and entertaining presenter who believes it would be a sin to take himself too seriously. In 2001 he accepted the role as the Christmas angel on the roof of St Paul's Cathedral. Wearing a gold sequined loincloth, large red and gold wings and very little else, he attracted much attention from Christmas shoppers in the city of Melbourne.

The comical cleric made headlines again last Christmas when his campaign to put Christ back into Christmas made the front page of a prominent newspaper and the evening news across all channels. A self confessed ‘media tart’ Howard has been seen on radio and television throughout Australia.
                 Howard on Good Morning Australia
                              A loved regular guest!

Howard's Website:


Mrs Claus visits Sonia Ricotti
Dynamic Speaker, Author,
& Trainer who appeared on Oprah!
Discover Amazing Insights & the missing Key
You MUST KNOW to Master the
Universal law
”The Law of Attraction”
so You Can Attract what You Want in Your Life!

Sonia Ricotti, Author, Radio Host,
Dynamic Speaker, Trainer &
CEO of Lead Out Loud!

Our special guest today is Sonia Ricotti who speaks with us today from her hometown in beautiful Toronto in Canada.  Sonia is the author of Mastering the Law of Attraction: 11 Transformational Steps to an Extraordinary Life. A life-altering and inspirational book about how to generate positive energy all the time no matter what the circumstances are in your life! It is a book about achieving true inner peace and happiness that will ultimately result in attracting all that you desire in life.

Sonia is also the host of Lead Out Loud Talk Radio, a renowned motivational speaker, and President of Lead Out Loud (an inspirational leadership and self development company). She has been interviewed on numerous TV and talk radio shows including Oprah and Friends Radio.

Law of Attraction - what are you attracting?

The Lead Out Loud inspirational video:

Special Offer & Free Gift From Sonia:
Purchase her life changing book from her website
at or
send your
purchase confirmation number
or receipt
to her at
and you will receive a free copy of her inspirational
video ... great for presentations or for personal use
for a great dose of inspiration and motivation!



Mrs Claus visits Will Bowen
Author  of "A Complaint Free World"
One of the Most Powerful
Transformational Books of our time!
Discover the tool that WILL change Your world!
Every parent, school teacher, child,
CEO, entrepreneur & individual
needs to hear this interview!

Rev Will Bowen

Rev. Will Bowen of Christ Church Unity in Kansas City, MO was teaching a series on Prosperity. Part of this series was helping the congregation to form a habit of gratitude by going 21-days without complaining.  Studies show it takes 21 days for people to form a new habit. In an effort to make the lesson practical, the church purchased purple bracelets and gave them away encouraging them to move the bracelet to the other arm if they caught themselves complaining.

A Complaint Free World
In your hands, you hold the secret to transforming your life. Big words? Yes, but this is a plan that has already proven itself with millions of people around the world. Pastor Will Bowen developed the life-changing A Complaint Free World plan based on the simple idea that good things will happen for you in abundance if you can just leave your grumbling behind. In this book, you can learn what constitutes a complaint, why we complain, what benefits we think we receive from complaining, how complaining is destructive to our lives, and how we can get others around us to stop complaining. You will learn the steps to eradicating this poisonous form of expression from your life. If you stay with it, you will find that not only will you not complain, but others around you will cease to do so as well. In a short period of time, you can have the life you’ve always dreamed of having.



Mrs Claus Visits Best Selling Author,
Historian & Authority on World Mysticism
Timothy Freke!
Come & discover that the story of Christmas
is a teaching story
that was written about in other cultures
long before the story of Jesus Christ was written!

Timothy Freke
Historian, Respected Authority
on World Mysticism & Best Selling Author!

Our special guest today is Timothy Freke.  Timothy has an honours degree in philosophy and is an internationally respected authority on world mysticism. He has written more than 20 books including his best seller “The Jesus Mysteries”. His book “Jesus and the Lost Goddess” was cited by Dan Brown as an inspiration for The Da Vinci Code.
He has often been featured in the media around the world. Recently he was interviewed for the History Channel documentary  Beyond The Da Vinci Code and has been the focus of 'Modern Mystics' on the BBC World Service and 'Beyond Belief' on BBC Radio 4.

Timothy is the founder for the Alliance of Lucid Living which gives people the chance to connect with like-minded explorers of consciousness to share ideas and inspiration.

Tim lectures and runs experiential seminars in the UK, USA, Europe & South Africa.  He lives in Glastonbury England with his wife Debbie, his ten year old son Beau Brook and his five year old daughter Aya Sophia.  He has recently been touring the USA with his newest book “The Second Coming”. 

Today Timothy shares with us his amazing insights to rock your world regarding Christ and the Christmas story and his enthusiasm for the timeless wisdom of awakening or what he calls lucid living -
waking up to oneness and unconditional love.

Timothy's websites:


This is a controversial show you don't want to miss!



Mrs Claus Visits Jon Gordon,
Best Selling Author & Speaker

Discover how to get on the Energy Bus
An amazing resource that is Transforming
people & organizations
from the inside out!

Jon Gordon

Best Selling Author & Speaker!

Today we are delighted to introduce you to John who will share awesome insights from his international bestselling book “The Energy Bus”.  A resource that is transforming people and organizations from the inside out!

In the mode of other best selling business fables The Energy Bus, takes readers on an enlightening and inspiring ride that reveals 10 secrets for approaching life and work with the kind of positive, forward thinking that leads to true accomplishment - at work and at home. Everyone faces challenges. And every person, organization, company and team will have to overcome negativity and adversity to define themselves and create their success. No one goes through life untested and the answer to these tests is positive energy—the kind of positive energy consisting of vision, trust, optimism, enthusiasm, purpose, and spirit that defines great leaders and their teams. Drawing upon his experience and work with thousands of leaders, sales professionals, teams, non-profit organizations, schools, and athletes, Gordon infuses this engaging story with keen insights, actionable strategies and a big dose of positive infectious energy. For managers and team leaders or anyone looking to turn negative energy into positive achievement The Energy Bus provides a powerful roadmap to overcome common life and work obstacles and bring out the best in yourself and your team. When you get on The Energy Bus you’ll enjoy the ride of your life!

The Energy Bus

Jon's book that is
transforming lives!




Mrs Claus Visits Matthew Kelly, a
Best Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker &
one of the most sought-after spiritual voices of our time!
Discover transformational insights from his latest book
”Building Better Families”
How to raise Amazing Children
& Create Strong Families!

Matthew Kelly
Best Selling Author &
Inspirational Speaker!

Our special guest today is Matthew Kelly who was born in Sydney, Australia.   Matthew is
a bestselling author and inspirational speaker who has traveled the globe reaching millions of people in fifty countries over the past decade through his talks, seminars, retreats and appearances on radio and television programs. He also founded the Matthew Kelly Foundation, whose major charitable work is to help young people discover their mission in life.  Matthew is also the president of Floyd Consulting, a Chicago-based consulting company that helps corporations become the-best-version-of-themselves.

In his latest book called “Building Better Families” Matthew grapples with a question that parents have asked repeatedly in his talks and seminars: how can we raise amazing children and create strong families, especially given the changing face of family life in the 21st century?   With transformational insights and drawing from his experiences Matthew shares sensible everyday strategies for transforming the 21st-century family into what it should be: a place where each of us can become the-best-version-of-ourselves.




Mrs Claus Visits Best Selling Author,
Musician & Film-maker
James Twyman, Director of
”The Moses Codes”
Released April 2008
The Most Powerful Manifestation Tool
in the history of the world!
Are You Ready to Go Deeper?
Discover a New Power!

James Twyman
Best Selling Author, Musician & Film-Maker

Our special guest today is Director James Twyman who has just released “The Moses Codes” a film that will change the world.  The Moses Code unleashes a new kind of power, one that creates worlds and helps us fulfill our individual and collective destiny.  This film takes you on a journey beyond the veil to the source of life.

The Moses Code is a powerful film bringing together some of the best-known spiritual leaders of our time to discuss the importance of service as a spiritual practice.  Setting the stage for a new paradigm in filmmaking, this is the first time that a major spiritual film was released in conjunction with a worldwide prayer vigil. 

James is an internationally renowned, best-selling author, filmmaker and musician who has a reputation for traveling to some of the world's greatest areas of conflict, sharing his message of peace. He has been called "The Peace Troubadour" and has performed his peace concert in countries like Iraq, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Bosnia and Serbia, drawing millions of people together in prayer to influence events of world crisis.

James has written ten books including Emissary of Light, Emissary of Love, and The Moses Code. He has also produced or directed films including the award winning Indigo, and the newly released film version of The Moses Code. His CD's have inspired hundreds of thousands of people, and his performances at the United Nations, US Capitol and Pentagon, as well as grass roots projects like The Cloth of Many Colors, have made him one of the most influential spiritual peacemakers in the world.

James is also the president of The Beloved Community, an inter-religious organization that has ordained over 400 ministers of peace around the world, and the founder of The Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking.




Mrs Claus Visits Dr Ben Johnson MD, DO, NMD.
featured in the hit movie 'The Secret'
& Dr Alex Loyd, N.D., Ph.D.
The Dr’s behind 'The Healing Codes'
Discover ‘Energy Medicine’ that is revolutionizing health
& what you MUST HEAL in order to truly heal any
disease, physical or emotional!


Dr. Ben Johnson, MD, DO, NMD.                Dr Alex Loyd, N.D., Ph.D.

Our special guests today are Dr Alex Loyd, PhD and Dr. Ben Johnson, MD who have five doctorates between them. Dr. Loyd is a PhD in Psychology and an ND. Dr. Johnson is a MD, DO, and Naturopath. Dr. Johnson was the only MD featured on the DVD phenom "The Secret". Dr. Loyd and Dr. Johnson have also been featured on network, cable and public television. They also feature in a DVD with Rick Warren and Joel Olstean as well as a Trinity Broadcast Network Special in the USA.

Dr Alex Loyd is the founder of “The Healing Codes” a new energy medicine discovered in 2001.  He later partnered with Dr Ben who after personally experiencing the results of The Healing Codes techniques, trained the staff in his cancer clinic in Atlanta, so that his patients could also experience its benefits.  Dr Ben says he knows of nothing else that addresses and heals emotional and physical issues so effectively and completely.  The Healing Codes company is dedicated to natural healing.  Today thousands of clients all over the world have reported healing from illness and disease by using this new energy medicine. The treatment is non-invasive. There’s nothing to take. It does not involve diet or exercise.

"We're beginning now to understand things that we know in our hearts are true but we could never measure," he says. "As we get better at understanding how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier … in medicine is energy medicine. It's not the mechanistic part of the joints moving. It's not the chemistry of our body. It's understanding for the first time how energy influences how we feel."    ~ Dr. Oz

"Dr. Alex Loyd has the defining healing technology in the world today – It (the Healing Code) will revolutionize health… It is the easiest way to get well, and stay well, fast… Dr. Loyd may very well be the Albert Schweitzer of our time."
 - Mark Victor Hansen - Co-author "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book series.

So come along today and discover what energy medicine is all about and how it has and will continue to change health and well being as we know it today.

 For more information visit:


Mrs Claus Visits Dr Meg Blackburn Losey, PH.D.
Author, Master Healer, Teacher & Medical Intuitive!
Discover Amazing Insights
about the “Children of Now”
Special & gifted children being born into the world:
Indigo, Crystalline, Star Kids, Transitional children
and the new children to come!
A new awakening has begun!


 Dr Meg Blackburn Losey Ph.D.

Our special guest today is  Dr Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D. the author of “Conversations with the Children of Now, “The Children of Now, Crystalline Children, Indigo Children, Star Kids, Angels on Earth and The Phenomenon of Transitional Children”, “Pyramids of Light, Awakening to Multi-dimensional Reality” and the “Online Messages”. She is also a contributor to “The Mystery of 2012 Anthology”. Dr. Meg has an online radio show, “Continuum”, which she broadcasts from She is a regular columnist in Mystic Pop Magazine and contributor to many other publications. Dr. Meg a master healer, medical intuitive and is a Keynote Speaker and lectures worldwide. She has recently served as a consultant to Good Morning America.

Today Dr Meg will share with us insights about “The Children of Now”!



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