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How to stop SPAM!
The best program to rid yourself
of spam & viruses sent to your
inbox!  I've been using this product
for more than  a year - I only
wish someone had introduced
me to it earlier!  It is also
a great time saver too!

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Big Traffic Secrets:

Do you want to know how to bring heaps
of traffic to your website via the biggest
FREE on-line community?

This is great and easy - My Space
Marketing Secrets made easy and
simple - y
ou need
to know this to make it work!

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Websites made easy!
  I highly recommend:

  Ilya Pozen

Let me tell you my story and save
yourself a lot of time and money!  
I had previously purchased prepaid
templates and websites and even
paid for a webmaster that cost
me $200 a month just to service it
if I needed to add or change
anything!  It became a tiresome
and costly exercise. 
Look no further I have found the
best solution on the market and
it has made my life so easy on
the web. I had no background in
computers or the internet and
when I purchased templates I
couldn't understand the language
so I couldn't follow what needed
to be done - it was very difficult
and often customer service does
not exist with these companies
unless you are very computer
savvy!  So go to the best, go to
Ilya.  He will not only put up a
website for you, but he can give
you great advice and do so
much more than you can imagine. 
He will optimize your website too.
Very important if you want to
grow your business - don't worry
if you don't understand what that
means Ilya will do what needs
doing and you will reap the
benefits!  Don't forget to tell him
your friend The HoHoHo Expert!
recommended you to him!




If you are in business YOU need this:

The Best Shopping cart
- it's easy,
protects you from spamers and
shut-downs and is very affordable!

  • save loads of time (all automated)
    for sales, affiliate functions,
     creating lists, broadcasting,
    sending newsletters, digital book
    deliver and much more ...

  • save a mountain of head-aches and

  • save a ton of money!

Please don't waste your time with free
auto responders and bits of a cart and
bits of something else to save a few
dollars.  Believe me in the long run
you will be in a mess. 
Start off with the best solution - a
complete shopping cart system that
has everything on it that you will ever
need.  I use Kickstartcart (Tom Antion's
product) and it is sensational.  Again
save yourself time and money and
start off with the best and you'll be
so glad you did!  Check it out here:

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The BEST Affordable PDF software
           to make your E-books!

You need the right pdf creator.  I have
tried a number of them and the best
and most inexpensive is I believe
pdfnova - it can compresses your
images and allows live links and you
can even have the option to set a
security password for your ebooks
if you wish. You can use this software
over and over again.  Don't waste
your money or time - this is the best! 
It is so easy to use - follow the easy
instructions to install the download
then you just choose 'print' and
change the option to 'novapdf' and
it will produce in a matter of seconds
your pdf.  It comes with easy to follow
instructions.  Check it out here:

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Make Money on your site
                 with Adsense!

To really give your site the ability to
increase its ability to make you lots
of money click on the following link. 
Here are videos that will step you
through the 'how to' and give you
leading edge information and
strategies for your success!

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     Learn easily
   how to write Articles

     in your niche to & reap the benefits:

  • attract customers

  • raise your profile

  • write an ebook

  • become an expert!

Jeff Herring is an expert
that makes article writing easy. 
I have been in his mentor program
and I highly recommend you join now. 
I went from nowhere to Number 3.
'Holiday' writer at
out of more than 1,000 writers in
less than one year!  I couldn't have
done it without the professional
guidance of Jeff - he makes it so
Reap the benefits today - go sign
up and tell Jeff Bernadette sent
you - he'll look
after you!






Submit Your Articles
on Auto-Pilot

- Enjoy Massive
Publicity for Your Website!


      It's the best way to get:

  •  a ton of free traffic to your

  • make yourself known or your
    product or service known on
    the web

  • raise your alexa / google ranking
    to be seen in the search engines




           Become a Lensemaster
                  - it's easy!
          With huge benefits!

A secret not many know about yet
- become a Lensemaster - it's easy! 
It's a great way to promote your
business, book etc. and make
money at the same time!

I am a lensmaster and I highly
recommend that you become one
too!  Even though many do not 
know about lenses yet but they
will be big!  You can put up your
articles or posts about your business
and earn money through their
affiliations.  Become a lensmaster
today - it's easy and you will reap
lots of benefits for your business.
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 Advertising Opportunities on
 "Conversations with Mrs Claus"
 & podcaster opportunities available:

Find more videos like this on Christmas News

  The Enlightened Wealth Institute!

  Mark Victor Hansen & Robert Allen

Want to know how to become Financially Free
and Create Wealth?  You need mentors
who have been their and done that -
guidance you need!

In the world of money, there are four major
ways of creating wealth. No matter what your
background, you can learn to master one of
these areas taught at the Enlightened
Millionaire Institute:

*   Investment Mountain: 
accumulating and
     tradingshares of stock/options

*   Real Estate Mountain: 
owning, renting and
     selling real estate properties

*   Business Mountain:  

     Marketing products,
     services, or ideas.

*   Internet Mountain:  

     expanding possibilities.

Learn from the Masters... Classes are
superinformative, with wisdom and
insights you don't want to miss! Classes
are so easy to access by telephone for
live participation OR
download teleseminars from your
computer and listen to anytime at your
convenience! Network and makes friends
around the world!  
Don't miss this opportunity to be
MENTORED by the authors of the best
selling book the 'One Minute Millionaire',
Mark Victor Hansen & Robert Allen and
their team of hand picked trainers on the
principles that helped make them multi-
millionaires!  Phenomenal
tutors include: Dr Stephen Cooper,
Kurt Mortensen, Dr Fred Tingley ...

P.S.  There is also a separate 1-on-1
stream on real-estate course where
you can personally work with one
mentor for super results!

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Here is a great little marketing tool:

Get Free Advertising For Branding Your Links!  




How to make smaller URLs
for your ebooks / website / email links:

Click on the following link - just
paste in your current URL and press
the buttonand it will come up with
a smaller url for you:






Check your position on Google etc:

I've just found out about this amazing
new piece of software.

It lets you check how many pages
you have indexed in Google, MSN,
and Yahoo, and how many backlinks
each of the search engines believe
you have. You can also compare the
numbers daily to see if your
websites are improving or declining.

I can't believe that such a powerful
piece of software is free - but it is.

You can get your own personal copy at

This software is saving me hours of
checking every day, and I can see
trends in my websites that I would
never otherwise have noticed.

I really think you should go and look at

for yourself, and see what you think. 
There is a pro version for a small fee
and the FREE version - you cannot
loose!  Go get it!




Mystical Success Club!
I belong to Michele Blood's &
Dr Laurence Bond's
'Mystical Success Club'
and I highly recommend that you
join us.  This group is awesome. 
Remember no one gets there alone,
we need support and a strong mindset
which means youneed an inspirational
mentor and otherswho are on the
same journey to keep
you focused and on track, feeling
inspired and motivated.  Michele is a
first class mentor.  Check out what she
offers at a very affordable monthly fee
of only $19.95 or $29.95 for the
Platimum membership.  And boy is
she full of surpises for us all! 
Plus you get to meet some of the
most successful and amazing
people around the world via
teleconferences to inspire and
Remember to tell her your friend
Bernadette Dimitrov
The HoHoHo Expert referred you

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Jetspinner is now FREE
Article Marketing Tool:

 You might want to use Jetspinner and
Jetsubmitter in your website marketing efforts.

Jetspinner is completely free and will allow you
to create hundreds of unique articles for article marketing.

You can quickly and easily establish
yourself as an expert in your field and
create hundreds of backlinks that avoid
Google's duplicate content penalties.

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Check for good keywords and more!

Here is another free piece of great
softwareto help you get good
keywords for yourwebsites and
article submissions.
Go to




You Need Firefox!

Browse safer and faster - click on the
following image for download instructions:




Want Targeted Traffic?

Get Google Adwords - click on the image
below for information and get going today!



Create Revenue Easily
with Google Adsense!

Click on the following box for more
details- add free google adsense to
your articleson your site and start
making money today!



Free Search Engine Marketing Tools
- Visualize, Analyze, and Optimize to
better search engine rankings


Make Money - Affiliate Program!

Refer people to become Podcasters
with the world's biggest Podcasting
network - benefits are huge!

Great opportunity!
Visit the following link and sign up

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Passion is the key to you, fulfilment
and success ... find out what your
true passions are ...
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 Click on the following
image .... improve your brain today:

Quantum-Self - Smash Your Limits

Are you too busy to read?  You can now listen
to all the books you want to read!  Listen in
the car, walking or doing your house work ...
and for those times when you can't read
to your children they can now listen to
a favorite story!

Check this site out - it's great
Click on either image: