Personalized Santa Certificate

Receive immediately...
type in your special persons
name, date & Print ...
It's simple to create magical memories!


A magical Christmas Blessing &
Personal Message from Santa Claus
Yes a Personalized Santa Certificate
for someone you love!

Creates a magical memory
this christmas!

This magical personalized Santa Certificate  will be lovingly
cherished by whomever you gift it to. 

It p
rints easily on any printer
as a standard A4 sheet.

Every child and
even adults too
will love the magic
of their very own personalized Santa Certificate this Christmas! 

Santa lets the bearer know that
they are loved by us all at the
North Pole and remember daily in
our prayers and blessings!


Michele Blood

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  Producer of
  and Creator of
  Motivation Inspiration.
Combining the modern music with the self improvement industry.

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Give a Personalized Santa Certificate
make someone
you love feel
extra extra special this Christmas!

            A magical personalized
             Santa Claus Certificate
                     that you can:

  • receive immediately via email upon confirmation of your payment - it's
    easily opened on your computer. 

  • Just print it out - it's that easy!

  • Also it makes a great gift idea. 
    You can even send it via email to a friend overseas, interstate or anywhere they have access to a computer.  What a great surprise gift  and you can send it with your free internet gift card and gift box that we send you with your order - just add your special message and hit send!

    It's bright and colorful! 
    You could print it out
    put it in a box or tie a red ribbon
    around it, you could even have it laminated but best of all it's
    magical just as it is once you
    type in your loved one's name
    and date it.

    A magical gift that will be cherished for years to come!

    Imagine the memories your
    gift will create!

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