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I am delighted to share with you some of the famous Santa's from around the world in these magical interviews (scroll down below) sharing their life, how they came to be Santa Claus and their work today as well insights about how to live your best life!

With love & joy
Mrs Claus xx

Mrs Claus visits Bishop Santa Claus, a Christian Bishop & Monk:


Mrs Claus visits
Bishop Santa Claus
Founder & Volunteer
Executive Director
The Santa Claus Foundation!
Santa Claus is his legal name & he’s a Christian Bishop & monk as St. Nicholas was many centuries ago! Santa has visited every Governor’s staff throughout the U.S. discussing & advocating for a variety of children’s issues! He is a recipient of a 2009 International Peace Award for which the Dalai Lama was a previous honoree! Santa advocates that peace begins within the heart of every child & that the greatest gift one can give is unconditional love, not presents!
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 Santa Foundation

See Santa in person here:

Our special guest today is Bishop Santa Claus, a Christian Monk and an ordained Priest in the Apostles’ Anglican Church. Santa Claus is his legal name! He is the Founder and volunteer Executive Director of The Santa Claus Foundation.

The Santa Claus Foundation advocates for the 2 million children in the United States annually who are abused, neglected, exploited, abandoned, homeless, and institutionalized through no fault of their own.

Santa is a member of the Washoe County Sheriff’s Community Emergency Response Team and former on-call public safety emergency response chaplain. He previously trained as an actor studying film and television at New York University. He recently stared in a Macy’s Christmas television commercial.

Santa is a full-time volunteer advocate for children and has visited every Governor’s staff throughout the U.S. and discussed a variety of issues affecting millions of vulnerable children. Santa has been recognized by national, state, county, and local agencies and national and international news media.

Santa Claus is a recipient of the 2009 Peace Award for which the Dalai Lama was a previous honoree. Santa advocates that peace begins within the heart of every child and that the greatest gift one can give is unconditional love, not presents!

Santa’s website:

Santa’s Book:

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Mrs Claus Visits Santa Michael Rielly, A third generation Santa Claus:

Mrs Claus Visits Santa Michael Rielly
A third generation Santa Claus and
the grandson of Rhode Island’s Most Famous Santa Claus!
He is the Founder of
the Internet's largest resource and
social network for Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus & Elves!
He has two Batchelor Degrees in Santa Claus and
today we get up close and personal with a Master Santa Claus
who is ensuring the passing of traditions of
Santa Claus across generations!


Santa Michael Rielly & with his son Elf Bernard preparing for his Santa Claus debut! Passing on the tradition of Santa to his son!


Our special guest today is Michael Rielly who has portrayed Santa Claus for over 18 years and is a third generation Santa Claus. The grandson of Rhode Island’s most famous Santa, James D. Rielly, a celebrity Santa whose name is recorded in the Senate Congressional Record as “A Truly Remarkable Santa Claus From Rhode Island”. After the passing of his grandfather in 1991, Michael took over the role as Santa Claus. In his grandfather’s honor, Michael appears at many of the same charitable organizations and hospitals his grandfather visited.

Michael was also the Media and Public Relations Director for Celebrate Santa 2009. He is the founder of the internet’s largest online resource and social network for Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and Elves. He has received two Bachelor degrees in Santa Claus; one from the world famous Charles W, Howard Santa Claus School in Midland Michigan and the other from the International University of Santa Claus.

When not appearing as Santa Claus, Michael works in high tech sales and marketing. He has over 20 years experience in internet and technology related companies where he has served in various roles; founder, entrepreneur, board member, and business development.

Today we get up close and personal with a Master Santa Claus!

Today we get up close and personal with a Master Santa Claus!
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Mrs Claus visits Santa Tim Cavender, magician, comedian & Motivational Speaker:

Mrs Claus visits renowned Santa Claus Tim Cavender from Georgia, USA! Also a well known & honored magician, comedian &
Motivational Speaker inspiring you to go after your visions, goals & Dreams! A featured 2010 Celebrate Santa Convention
Workshop Presenter! Get inspired as we get up, close & personal & discover insights & tips to make your dreams come true!

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Tim Cavender

Our special guest today is Tim Cavender. A renowned seasoned Santa Claus who is also a well known magician, comedian and motivational speaker who inspires others to go after their visions, goals and dreams. He’s spoken to hundreds of organizations and groups including Fortune 500 companies. He’s been inducted into ‘The Order of Merlin’, a prestigious honor from the largest organization for magicians. Tim, a man of many talents has also produced national award winning videos and during his career in radio, he was recognized as one of the top ten disc-jockeys in the Christian music industry.

Tim has had over 35 years experience in media relations. He’s the Director of Public Affairs for the Cherokee County Fire and Emergency Services. He’s also a consultant for an award winning television show called North Georgia Treasures, which is hosted by each week by his wife Pam who also accompanies him as Mrs Claus when he is portraying Santa throughout the USA.

Tim has portrayed Santa Claus for more than 35 years. He’s appeared as Santa on television, radio, print media and in a commercial that appeared in 11 states. He’s a Santa who loves his toys and has an entire room dedicated to model trains he’s collected over the years.

Tim will also be a workshop presenter at the Celebrate Santa convention in Gatlinburg, Tennessee in 2010 where hundreds of Santa Clauses, Mrs Clauses and other Christmas folk will be in attendance.

Tim Cavender and Wife
Tim’s Website:

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Mrs Claus visits Santa Cliff Snider, A Christian Santa:

Mrs Claus visits Santa Cliff Snider
Who’s been Santa for almost 50 Years!
A Christian Santa known as
‘The Praying Santa’ & ‘The Good Book Santa’
He Prays with Children & Families
& Tells them it’s better to give than to get!
Author of ‘Santa’s Journey – Sharing Christmas Year Round’
Discover a Christian Santa’s Perspective on the season!

Pam Cavender
Cliff Snider
Santa Cliff Snider His Book ‘Santa’s Journey’
Stories about his transformation from
“playing” Santa to “becoming” Santa.
It will have you laughing & crying!


Our special guest today is Cliff Snider who has been Santa Claus for almost 50 years! A Christian Santa who prays with children and families and tells them it’s better to give than to get! Hence he’s known as ‘The Praying Santa’ and ‘The Good Book’ Santa!
He’s the author of ‘Santa’s Journey – Sharing Christmas Year Round’.

He has attended the renowned Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School and has both Batchelor and Masters Degrees in Santa Claus from the International University of Santa Claus. He is the
signature Santa for Christmas Castle in Jamestown, NC. USA, in an authentic 1832 medieval castle where he enjoys visits with thousands of children each year. Santa Cliff has been featured on TV and in print media.

In his other life, he is a husband, father and grandfather. He has a Bachelor degree in Printing Management and during his career as a sales and marketing executive has guided hundreds of artists in the production and marketing of their artwork into limited-edition reproductions. His marketing relationship with artists led to the creation of a personal line of art reproductions of Santa Claus that he modelled for. These images have travelled all over the world.

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Mrs Claus visits Santa Vern, aka Sergeant Santa & Santa Oz The Wizard:

Mrs Claus visits Santa Vern
also known as Sergeant Santa & Santa Oz The Wizard!
He’s been a Santa for More than 43 Years!
He & his Bonnie Claus are the owners of
‘Santa’s Place’ in New York!
Today Up Close & Personal
with a Real Bearded Santa sharing insights into
his life, loves & recently released book
‘A Reindeer named Flag’!

Santa Vern & with his Bonnie Claus! 

Our Special guest today is Vernon Leroy Phillips alias Santa Claus! Christmas has always been a special time for Vern. He is one of 8 siblings and his brother Gary and his father William were both born on Christmas Day.  Bonnie Claus is Vern’s significant other. Together they have 11 children and 22 grand children, but as the Claus’s, they say they have the children of the world, too.

He’s been a member to the American Legion, A volunteer fireman, served in the Army Reserves, worked in the underground mines and quarries for 27 years.  He is a member of The 157th New York State Volunteer Civil War Re-enactors and is their Civil War Santa, also know to them as their Sergeant Santa!

His father was a world War 11 Veteran and Vernon is a Vietnam Veteran.  His youngest son Timothy is in the service and was stationed in Afghanistan for 13 months and is now in Georgia.  Three of his sons, Vernon, Jack, and Timothy pictures are in a book called “Christmas In America”, published in 1989. In the picture they are the three wise men in a scene at Vern’s local Church’s Christmas play.

Vern has been Santa for 43 years.  He’s been Santa at his local Church for 20 years, a friends diner for 10 years, a mixed handicapped class of children for 10 years as well at private parties and has appeared at malls and parades. He and Bonnie have a shop called Santa’s Place where he is now the resident Santa! 

Santa Vern is also Santa Oz The Wizard and honored the The Wizard of Oz Parade during it’s 100 year anniversary by being their special Santa:  yes he was the Santa Claus for Frank Baum’s parade (author of The Road to Oz and several Santa Claus books).

Today we get up, close and personal with a real bearded Santa Claus sharing insights into his life, loves and recently released book ‘ A Reindeer named Flag’.

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Mrs Claus Visits Santa Scott E Bananas!, A young Santa on a Mission:

Mrs Claus Visits Santa Scott E Bananas!
A young Santa on a Mission
to make a difference!
He’s a catalyst for Santa being a healthy Trimmer
Fitter role model for Children!
And he wants to keep the spirit of generosity
alive all year long and start a new
Olympic Sport ‘Beach Tennis’ with all equipment
and tournament proceeds going to Charity!
Discover how you can be involved &
Support Santa!

Our special guest today is Santa Scott E Bananas, a 33 year old who has been dressing like Santa for four years and it all started when he homeless.  Today he’s been declared the ‘real’ Santa Claus by many people in Aruba, a place he dearly loves.  He’s a civil rights activist and wants to make a difference.

Santa Scott is also hoping to be a catalyst for an image change for Santa moving away from the traditional round belly to a more healthier, trimmer and fitter Santa who could inspire and model good health habits and exercise routines for children.  Hence he’s passionate about promoting a new sport called Beach Tennis based on Santa's premise of "unlimited giving". The idea of having equipment and tournament proceeds going to charity.  He wants to see it as the first Olympic sport founded on the principle of charity.
He believes it’s time that Santa Claus, the greatest icon of giving, wins the Nobel Peace Prize and would like to get started on projects that will do a lot of good while at the same time having a lot of fun!

Santa Scott wants to make a difference and wants you too to make a difference and has some fun ideas that he wants your help with to bring them alive!   He wants to paint the world Red and White, and bring a smile to all faces all over the world.

He staunchly believes
that Santa should not be just one month out of the year, and believe his principles of "unlimited giving" should be carried all year long.
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Mrs Claus visits Famous Santa Tom:

Mrs Claus visits Famous Santa Tom an extraordinary
Christrmas story teller in Canada!
Who shares his experience as Santa Claus &
Reveals how to create magical memories
with Christmas stories!

Santa Tom
Santa Tom!
Extraordinary Christmas story teller

Our Special guest today is Santa Tom the founder and Moderator of the Fraternity of International Real Bearded Santa’s and Santa’s Across the Globe as well as the Assistant Manager of the Santa Claus Hall of Fame.  He’s not only a popular and loved feature around the Okanagan in Canada but a loved and recognized Santa across the globe!

He’s Jovial, quick witted, fun loving with a Real beard and Real boots!  Santa Tom and his helpers are constantly perfecting the role and the image in a quest to become one of the best Santa experiences ever.

Santa Tom’s portfolio includes USA Today, Wall Street Journal, CBC Radio, ABC, NBC, Disney Channel, CBC News World, Time Magazine, MTV Live as well as many others.  He is a consummate story reader and has a series of Christmas story videos for children and families which are a truly magical experience. 

Today we are delighted to introduce to you one of the most authentic, real bearded Santa’s today!  He knows how to create fun and a leave a positive impact whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart! 

So listen in everyone as I introduce you to Santa Tom in his home town of Kelowna in beautiful Canada who will share with us the delights of story telling and portraying Santa Claus!

Santa Tom’s website:

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Mrs Claus visits Santa John Scheuch, Director of Santa America:

Mrs Claus visits Santa John Scheuch Executive Director of Santa America The Largest non-profit service Organization of it’s kind in the USA! Discover insights about Autism & their ground-breaking work. Plus their new initiative ‘Wounded Warriors’ Program working with Military families in crisis!
Great Tips & Insights for Families shared & Discover how you too can get Involved & Make a Difference!


John Scheuch
Our Special guest today is John Scheuch aka Santa John who is Santa America’s new national Executive Director. Santa America is the largest Santa non-profit service organization of its type in the USA with over 300 volunteers visiting children and their families in crisis and/or with special needs in 44 states and 6 foreign countries.

Santa John has over 30 years of Santa experience with special needs children. He helped create a program to bring individual Santa visits to children with autism and their families and give a rewarding, inclusive experience with Santa for the holiday season. Santa America’s new initiatives also include the ‘Wounded Warriors’ program working with staff and military families in crisis across the USA Santa America Santa’s visits are free and joy to children and families at home, hospital, or hospice.

Today Santa John will share insights about Santa America’s work and share tips and insights for families as well as how you too can get involved and make a difference!

Santa John Scheuch and Mrs. Claus

Santa American Display

Sheila writes self-help books for children that Santa’s with Santa America read to comfort children & families experiencing
life’s unexpected tragedies, challenges, illness, grief & death!

Sheila’s books are available at her website:

An Angel in the Sky
Santa John’s Website:
- Autism Resource Pack & more resources for families!
- Tools to help parents prepare children for a visit with Santa Claus:
- Sign up for their Newsletter:
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Mrs Claus Visits Phillip L Wenz
Executive Producer Celebrate Santa Convention 2009!
Discover Highlights from & behind the
Scenes at the historic first convention & celebrations
held on the 70th Anniversary of the
1st official gathering of Santas in New York in 1939!

Phillip L Wenz, Executive Producer
Live on air at Celebrate Santa Convention
& below as Santa Claus!

Our special guest today is Phil Wenz, Executive Producer and Special Projects Chairperson for the history making Celebrate Santa convention held in Gatlinburg, Tennessee USA in March 2009.  Phil is also a renowned  legendary Santa Claus and author who’s appeared on tv, radio and print media.  He’s been dubbed by many the most experienced Santa Claus in the world.

Today Phil will recap and share highlights from and behind the scenes at the historic first Celebrate Santa Convention. The biggest gathering of Santa Clauses, Mrs Clauses and helpers from around the world.  The first of a new annual event that began on the 70th anniversary of the very first official gathering of Santas held in New York 1939.  A celebration that made it into the Guinness Book of World Records.  The convention attracted national and international media attention as it cemented itself into the history books.
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videos of the event too visit:

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Mrs Claus Visits Santa Steve Darling Santa from Alice Springs - Santa from Australia:

Mrs Claus Visits Santa Steve Darling from Alice Springs, Central Australia! One of the few Real Santa Clauses in Australia! Up Close & Personal Plus Discover Celebrations in a Very Hot Christmas Climate!


Steve Darling

Steve Darling on Camel

Our special guest today is Santa Steve Darling from Alice Springs in Central Australia. He’s been a sole parent of 3 children for the past 17 years. It hasn’t been an easy road for Steve especially during the early years of parenting on his own. He did it pretty tough yet triumphantly. He has a passion for Santa Claus and sport. He’s been a coach of athletics and netball for young children, he’s a national official for Athletics and was an official at the Melbourne Commonwealth Games in 2006 in which year he also won the Northern territory Official of the year for at the NT Sports Awards.

He first downed on the red suit more than 19 years ago. In 1995 he was invited along with another local Santa ( John Dare since passed on) to attend the Burnside Charities great Santa race which was the start of his Santa Claus passion and road he is on today.

Today we get up, close and personal with one of the few real Santa Clauses in Australia. Plus you’ll get to discover celebrations in a very hot Christmas climate!

To contact Santa Steve – email him at:

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Claus Visits Santa Ian -Up Close and Personal with an Aussie Santa:

Mrs Claus Visits Santa Ian
one of the few Real Bearded Santa’s in Australia!
Up Close and Personal with an Aussie Santa
who dons the virtual red suit 365 days a year!
An uplifting holiday interview
with fun and enchanting festive insights!

Santa Ian Santa Ian
Santa Ian
Special Hi Five moment!
Adelaide, Australia
Santa Ian
A warm & special Santa hug!



Our special guest today is Santa Ian who has been bringing Joy and Love and Hugs to children of all ages since he first put on the Red Suit back in 2003. Since then he has done many visits in many places, malls, events, parks, hospitals and family homes. He is one of the very few real bearded Santa’s in Australia and as such is often recognised when out in the community, maybe it is the beard, maybe it is the twinkle in his eye or maybe it’s his ready warm smile.

He carries on a tradition from his father who was a small-town Santa in Yankalilla and Victor Harbor, country towns in South Australia, back in the ’70s and ’80s. Though the costumes of today and the flowing white beard are a far cry from the basic costume and wig worn a few times a year back in those days.

Santa Ian is a Santa 365 days a year and holds membership in a number of International Santa organisations. These help him be a part of a global Santa network where ideas are shared and support given to others. It is through these international networks that he found the ideas and strength to evolve his Santa role to a real bearded Santa and to reach out to work in hospitals and hospices. The networks also led him to gain a working role in a large theme park in Japan as Santa Claus!

He strongly believes in the power of Love and recognises that being a true Santa has to start in the heart first, the Red Suit is just part of the trappings.

Santa Ian is also the contact for
the Australian affiliation with /Australia
Santa Ian is based in Adelaide, Australia

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Mrs Claus Visits Elf Cathy! -The Elf Experience -

Mrs Claus Visits Elf Cathy!
Discover the Elf Experience
Whose motto is ‘Elf Before Self’
A playful way to instill community service & responsibility!
A transformational program changing lives
and making a real difference!
Awesome insights shared today!
Also find out how you and/or your children can be involved
and make a difference in your community
no matter where you are in the world!

Elf Experience  

Our special guest today is Elf Catherine Barnette, Executive Director of and co-ordinator of their Elf Experience Program. is a non-profit national volunteer service organization in the USA whose mission is to spread unconditional Love, Hope and Joy to the special children of the world.

Elf Cathy spent a significant portion of her professional life recruiting volunteers and working in the non-profit sector. From her early college days she realized she could help make the world a better place and today continues to do so with her work with Santa-America.

She’s excited to be an elf on the Santa-America’s team and is passionate about their Elf Experience Program. Elf Cathy is married and has a son called Augie who is most proud to tell his friends that his mum is an elf with a direct line to Santa at the North Pole!

Today Elf Cathy will share insights into the Elf program and share with us how you can get involved.

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Mrs Claus together with Nina Amir- A Special Holiday Show:

Special Christmas Series Podcast!

Mrs Claus together with Nina Amir
the shows regular
expert at making life & holidays
meaningful & spiritful no matter what your beliefs
are doing a special Christmas & other world December
Holiday Celebrations show!
Today Mrs Claus exposes some
Fun Christmas Traditions, Trivia , & Insights
while Nina shares fascinating insights
about other December holiday celebrations around the world!

Nina Amir Mrs. Claus
Nina Amir
Expert at making life & holidays
meaningful & spiritful
no matter what your beliefs!
Mrs Claus aka Bernadette Dimitrov
Christmas Expert!
Author, Inspirational Speaker
‘Conversations with Mrs Claus’
Podcast Host!


Our Special guest today is Mrs Claus, Christmas author, inspirational speaker and podcast host direct from the North Pole. Today she speaks to us from her holiday home in Melbourne, Australia. Mrs Claus co-hosts today with Nina Amir, the shows regular and popular guest who speaks to us from her home in Los Gatos, California. Nina is an expert at making holidays meaningful and spiritual as well as an acclaimed journalist, motivational speaker, author, teleseminar and workshop leader, inspirational speaker and Kabbalistic Conscious Creation coach.

Today Nina shares some great insights about other December holiday celebrations around the world. While Mrs Claus shares fun Christmas trivia, symbols, traditions from around the world and other fun insights about this transformational holiday celebration.

Nina’s Website: 

Mrs Claus’ websites:

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