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Hi Dear Friend!

  • Have you ever wanted to know the real meaning and spirit of Christmas? 

    What about discovering some fun, whacky and joyous celebrations, traditions and customs from around the world that you could even introduce into your celebrations? 

    And what about discovering insights about symbols and their inspirational meanings?  

    Well it’s all in “The HoHoHo Factor” which also introduces a
    modern-day Santa Claus who exposes his creeds and blessings for transformation (if you loved “The Secret”
    you’ll love modern-day Santa!) 

    powerful intensions are shared that Santa declares each Christmas at 7 minutes to mid-night – you’ll want to share these minutes with your family for love, peace and blessings on earth! 

    Plus revealed is “The HoHoHo Factor”
    – yes why Santa Ho Ho Ho’s and the amazing benefits for you! 

    This is an e-book and audio book – it’s perfect for everyone from Grandpa to Auntie to your neighbor and friends and it’s perfect to share with your children.  Christmas insights for everyone to enjoy!

The Missing Link:
Create Fun while discovering the
real spirit of Christmas!  Add Meaning, traditions, trivia,
symbols & create Cherished Memories this festive season!

·     More than - 226 Pages!

·     “Wow them” Trivia & Facts!

·     Amazing Insights!

·     Whacky and joyous celebrations & traditions around the world!

·     Amazing history including little known history!

·     Mass traditions & celebrations!

·     Symbols & their meanings!

·     Introducing modern-day Santa Claus and his inspirational blessings & creeds for transformation!
If you loved “The Secret” you’ll love the wisdom of modern-day
Santa Claus!

·     Great Links!

·     FREE bonuses!

·     And Lots Lots More...

Put meaning, magic, fun
and traditions
back into your Christmas!


Are you looking for the spirit of Christmas?  I was …

·     I use to feel the hustle, bustle and stress of Christmas and it became something that I didn’t look forward to.  It felt stressful and I was over burdened with gift giving.  I didn’t feel a connection to Christmas it just became something commercial and without a lot of meaning accept for the gift giving christmas fun bookthat was almost like a measure of one’s love and affection.  I lost the charm of Christmas and almost gave up on it until one day I had an insight and decided to find out what was the real spirit of Christmas and what was it really all about.  So off I went and researched and read and researched and read and read some more.  I was astounded!!  Christmas really does have a spirit and joy filled history of heart felt connections that some how seemed to have gotten lost in the modern world.

·     So I put together my insights and findings plus I had an overwhelming feeling and vision that it was my new job to introduce a modern-day Santa and so I did.   He utilizes the wisdom of the ages as well as neuro-science discovers and psychology.   I believe he inspires, supports and recaptures the best in ourselves and with each other as he rekindles the magic and spirit that truly belongs to Christmas!

·     The HoHoHo Factor recaptures the spirit, joy, happiness, magic and fun that belongs to the most celebrated event in the world - Christmas!

Choc-a-block with Amazing & Fun Christmas Trivia:

·        The Christmas toast “Here is to your good health” find out where this came from and what it is known as throughout Europe!


·        Did you know that Christmas was once banned and you
could jailed for celebrations!  Find out when and what happened!


·        You’ve heard of “Boxing Day” now find out its unique history and stories attached to its origin!


·        Find out about the oldest “Santa School” in the world!


·        Discover the earliest Christmas toys!


·        You’ll love finding out about the custom of leaving cookies for Santa and where it came from!


·        Revealed the most famous and fun Christmas
ornament legend and game


·        Revealed the Christmas Cracker and its amazing
creation and evolution to today!


·        Discover Medieval Christmas games
– they are so much fun!


·        Origin of silly Christmas hats!


·        Discover legends attached to famous Christmas cakes
and traditions!



Take a Peek at Some Amazing
Fun, Facts & Festive
Information You'll Find Inside...


·         Discover the amazing history and inspirational legends associated with the Christmas stocking!


·         Have you ever wondered why Santa rings jingling bells?  Discover the symbol of bells, its history & inspirational meaning!


·         Revealed the amazing symbolic meaning and history of the Christmas Tree – you’ll never look at it the same again!


·         Add magical meaning with the legend
of the Christmas Angel!


·    Discover traditions and symbols related
to a little known amazing ancient world!


·    Christmas music – amazing facts and
listen on line!


·    Did you know Santa has his very own
“Official” airline
!  Yes and you can fly on it


·    Want to know the amazing story behind
the red-nose reindeer – make
this story even more meaningful!


·     Feeling stressed!  You need to read
Chapter 8 “Why Santa HoHoHo’s and the
amazing benefits
for you!


·    Discover the evolution of Santa Claus
– it’s magical and will add more meaning
to your Christmas celebrations!


·         And LOTS more...



Discover Whacky & Joyous
Christmas Traditions & Celebrations
Around the World!
You could even introduce
some into your family celebrations!
Let's take a peak:


·         Discover Bulgaria’s Christmas patting stick tradition called “sooroovachka” for health, wealth & happiness!


·         Find out what happens at the stroke of 10 pm in Austria and why children just won’t sleep before this!


·         Discover the tradition of “Krampus” and its inspirational meaning!


·         Do you know what children in Bavaria chalk onto the door ways of homes they just sang Christmas songs outside of?


·         Guess which country Santa climbs through the window and is called “Old Man Christmas”?


·         Discover Denmark’s “Nisse” he’s so much fun!


·         You’ll never believe what the English do with sprigs of holly!


·         In France you’ll discover “The Three Kings Cake” a tradition of fun and gaiety!


·         Discover Germany’s old time “Knocking Nights”


·         Have some fun with the Greeks and the “Kilantzaroi” tradition!


·         Discover St Basil’s day sweet bread tradition!


·         Have fun the Icelandic way with their 13 Santa’s!


·         You’ll love the “Urn of Fate” tradition from Italy!


·         Discover a world spectacular – the Christmas Radish Festival!


·         Discover what Polish children do before they or their families
can eat Christmas dinner!


·         More fun with Spain’s “Caga Tio” log present tradition!


·         Discover the amazing rolling skating tradition Christmas morning in Venezuela!


        … And there is so much more you’ll love
        discovering in The HoHoHo Factor!





That's Just a Sample of
What You'll Find Inside

The HoHoHo Factor!

There are links to Christmas music, Christmas poems, stories and so much more …

Plus there are great Christmas gift ideas – not your every
day seen in the shops ideas – sensational, inspirational
gifts like no other!

You’ll want to introduce some of these fantastic traditions around the world into your family!  Plus you’ll discover ways to really make Christmas special, meaningful and memorable!

Yes you can discover the Christmas spirit in The HoHoHo Factor! 


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   A fantastic resource full of inspiration, Christmas
   trivia, insights and meanings.  You'll want to
   refer  to it as a fabulous resource to make
   your festive celebrations even more memorable
   and fun.  A resource that will create fun, loving
   and cherished memories with your family and
   friends each festive season!

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The Ultimate Christmas ebook and audio for the whole family to enjoy! 

·    Discover the fun, magic, spirit, traditions,
meanings, symbols, trivia and folk-lore
associated with Christmas!

·    Find everything you’ll love to know to
recapture the joy, fun and real spirit
of Christmas!

·    And much much more to make your
Christmas even more fun and joyous!

·    Plus see below for FREE bonus details.



   Sample a Chapter:
   & a Sneak Preview of
What's Inside the eBook:


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Sample Chapter

'Chapter 4 - Christmas Trivia - Wow Everyone This Christmas!"
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What people are saying:

     Robert G Allen
       Author of the
    New York Times     

Nothing Down
Creating Wealth
Multiple Streams of Income
The One Minute Millionaire
Cracking the Millionaire Code:  Your Key to Enlightened Wealth


"The HoHoHo Factor is a modern-day E-book but in reality it is an old-fashioned Christmas basket - full and running over with all kinds of Christmas goodies, insights, wisdom, fun and traditions.  It will engage the whole family and help everyone from tot to great granddad make Christmas more memorable, exciting and meaningful!"





"The HoHoHo Factor!" is just like the author Bernadette, full of positivity, light and great valuable information.

There are so many facts about Christmas that I have learnt from this great book. Who knew that Boxing Day was to give money to the poor? I thought it was to box up our pressies! Not only
will you learn so much historically YOU will
also be enlightened from all of the amazing
ideas to help YOU have a happier richer life.
              I highly recommend this book.

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Michele Blood
International Success!
Creator of and
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"Hey Bernadette, this is great!  I love trivia!  I've picked up some great tips and thoroughly enjoyed some of the fun and whacky times celebrated around the world - I just might even incorporate some into my next Christmas!"

                             John Winston, Canada





“I was given The HoHoHo Factor as a present and I haven’t put it down. I just love it! I've always loved Christmas but now I actually know what its all about!  I've also  picked up some great tips and secrets to enjoying not only a great Christmas but for turning every day into something magical!”
Thanks Bernadette

                             Ivana Daniels, New York




Mary Andrews
Writer, Performer, Author
"Paper Gowns" &

"Wake Up...Live the Life You Love"
"Fascinating!  The Ho Ho Ho Factor e-book is so much more than I thought it would be!  I was  also very excited to learn why writing "XMas" is not disrespectful!  This book is informative
and fun.  The ebook
is great!"



 Discover the magic of Christmas
  every day of the year
  with 'The HoHoHo Factor!'

 World's No. 1.
     Christmas ebook and audio
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1.            Revive the joy, spirit and real meaning of Christmas!


2.            Discover some fabulously fun old traditions
that you can incorporate into your celebrations
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for all!


3.            Surprise everyone with insights on symbols
and their true meanings!


4.            Have fun sharing some Christmas trivia
to wow everyone this Christmas!


5.            Discover how other countries celebrate
with Santa Claus and St Nicholas!


6.            Discover Christmas folk-lore
and tales!


7.            Find out Santa’s secret
blessings and creeds for transformation!


8.            Discover what Santa and the reindeers
declare for each nation at seven minutes to


9.            Find out when celebrations where declared official and  how celebrations of enlightenment are celebrated around the world!


10.      This ebook and audio comes
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This is your opportunity to rediscover the fun, the magic, the joy, the traditions, the atmosphere and the inspirational meanings that belongs to Christmas.

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I'm excited for the joys you will discover in The HoHoHo Factor!

Wishing you and your loved ones the most happy, healthy and
joyous Christmas season ever!

Mrs Claus
Bernadette Dimitrov
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Radio Podcast Host
"Conversations with Mrs Claus"


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