Angel Message:
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              "Make friends with the angels,
     who though invisible are always with
     you. . . .   Often invoke them,
     constantly praise them, and make
     good use of their help   
     and assistance..."

                                 Saint Francis de Sales quotation

Dear Friend of Christmas!

You are today bestowed with a special
Blessing just for you!

Sit comfortably, close your eyes and rest your hands facing upwards on your thighs.  Take a
deep breath in and hold for four seconds then exhale for eight seconds.  Do this three times.   Now that you are relaxed you are ready to receive your special blessing. 

Today I bless you with divine love. 

Imagine white shimmering light is pouring down upon you warming you, strengthening you and healing every cell in your body.  Know that this white light now divinely protects YOU like a
shield that no harm can penetrate!

Today I also bless you with divine order.

Whenever you close your eyes know that divine order is now being established in your mind,
body and all your affairs.   Believe in your heart and say this daily and I will continue to bless
you each day!

   With love and special blessings this day especially for you!

You may open your eyes!

Abundant health, happiness and prosperity to you!

With much love 
The Christmas Angel xxxx

I have many shapes, colors and sizes
I am very beautiful!



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