About Mrs. Claus:

Bernadette Dimitov aka Mrs Claus!
Best selling author, Happiness Ambassador, Speaker,
MC & Inspirational Mrs Claus Performer!

Australia's First Official Mrs Claus - Bachelor in SantaClausology IUSC!
Australia's Festive Authority & Christmas expert!

Featured in Newspapers, Magazines, TV
& Radio USA & Australia
Published world-wide - platinum expert writer!
Author of 10 books & featured in award-winning book series:  www.ReadyAimCaptivateAustralia.com
& Inspirational Radio Podcast Host & Expert!

Ambassador for Happiness www.HowCanIBeHappy.co
Member of the International Santa Claus Oath Committee
Member of the International Advisory Council 
 / Australia
Member of the Red Suit Society
Melbourne of the International Santa Claus Peace Council
Mrs Claus new book:  
Inspirational Radio Podcast Host 'Conversations with Mrs Claus'
Recorded in Melbourne, Australia & h
eard in 90 countries!



Representing Australia                    Front page
    on stage in the first ever      Herald Sun December
    Mrs Claus & Santa Fashion
    Parade USA 2010!


Visit here to see the full story in 'Women's Weekly' here:



Articles by Bernadette:

Bernadette Dimitrov, EzineArticles Platinum Author
 Bernadette Dimitrov, EzineArticles Platinum Author

Bernadette is a Platinum Level Expert
Ezine Articles Author with her works published
all over the world.
To view or publish Christmas
and holiday articles by Bernadette




See below for extended media radio, magazines & tv
USA and Australia...   


    Extended Bio:
     Bernadette Dimitrov aka Mrs Claus is an Australian
     Christmas author (more than 8 books) Christmas expert,
     inspirational speaker, MC, magician,
     story-teller, Christmas expert, laughter & meditation teacher.  
     She has been the popular radio podcast host of 
     ‘Conversations with Mrs Claus’ heard in more than 90
     countries and featured on

     Yaktivate.com’s global media network on their
     TheFamilyYak.com channel for more than 3 years.
     An inspirational show with experts, coaches, best selling
     authors, celebrities, North Pole characters (famous Santa
     Clauses from around the world), spiritual leaders,
     thought leaders and self-help gurus sharing tips, tools and
     insights to live a happier and more joyous life.
     Mrs Claus shares wisdom from the ages, a magic
     secret to uplift listeners each show.
     Mrs Claus has answered thousands of questions about
     Christmas that have come in from children and adults
     from around the globe each week on her show!

                     Mrs Claus has appeared on
                 TV, in print media and radio   
          interviews in the USA and Australia:
Bernadette D


Bernadette has trained under some of
the best including:

-   Pete Croft, founder of the world’s only
    Humourversity training in health, healing and
    laughter and professional speaking.

-   A proud Protégé of Bonnie Dillabough, a USA
    internet marketing expert & CEO Yaktivate
    Global Podcast Network.

-   Protege of the Enlightened Millionaire Institute
    with Masters of success & best selling authors
    Robert G Allen and Mark Victor Hansen, America's
    Ambassador of Possibility & renowned for his
     phenomenon of more than 60 million Chicken Soup
     for the Soul books sold world-wide!

- She has also trained as a Laughter Yoga Teacher
  under Dr Madan Kataria, Founder of the global laughter 
  movement -
  Laughter Yoga International (as seen on 60 Minutes)
  Graduation day- here I am with Dr Madan
Teacher graduation class party with attendees from all around the world (I'm just behind Santa in the back row on the right with my Santa hat on!)


     Pete Crofts, Historian, Author & Founder of Humourversity
      A great mentor - here I am with him
     & some other graduates!

   Here I am with Bonnie Dillabough - CEO & Chief Imagineer
                of Yaktivate.com Global Podcast Network.
This is the very first time I ever met her in person - in the USA in 2010 after spending years studying and being mentored by her via telephone & internet usually at 3am under my sheets with a torch so I wouldn't disturb anyone else in the house.  I was the only one in the class from Australia.   She came up with 'Conversations with Mrs Claus' and inspired me to follow my dreams & take them to a whole new level!

Competing for Australia at the Santa & Mrs Claus - Olympic style
                           Snow Tube Races in the USA 2010

                                                             With Master of Ceremnies -  
                                                             the very funny & Hall of Fame
                                                              Legend Santa Leon McBride!


Here I am at Channel 9 studies in Richmond about to audition a comedy skit as Santa with my Santa duo (Patrick O'Hare)  - I'm in my fun blow up suit!

Here I am with world-famous Santa Tim Connaghan
The Chancellor of The University of Santa Claus
& famous Hollywood Santa.

This was my first time meeting with him in 2009 in
the USA - his advice & guidance helped me to
go from children's attire (that was all I could find in Australia) to become a more polished Mrs Claus today!

Here I am with master magician
 Duane Laflin in Tennessee 2010 at his magic workshop for Santas!  After his teachings I started doing my own magic performances as Mrs Claus ... the kids l& adults love it!

With famous magical & humorous Santa Carlucci
known as 'The GodFather of SantaClaus'
my escort at the Jingle Bell Ball with hundreds of Santa's & Mrs Clauses in Tennessee USA 2010.
2.  with him in a local newspaper - a story about my making Australian history signing the historic Santa Claus Oath in the USA in 2009 with him & hundreds
of other Santa's & Mrs Clauses from around the world.

He has been a mentor & friend giving me guidance to
establish myself as Mrs Claus.  He is much loved not only in the Santa world but by children, adults and families throughout the USA!


Bernadette has a background in and has studied
business/marketing, arts, human services/social
sciences, spiritual and metaphysical studies such
as Thought Field Therapy, yoga, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Transcendental Meditation.

Mrs Claus - regular writer for newspaper:

'Upper Gully News & now
'The FootHills' her page is called:
 'Life, Holidays & Happiness' with Mrs Claus!
Each issue features one of her inspirational articles to inspire readers to live their lives fully!
Click here to see editions!

She loves Christmas and the universal
symbolism of light, oneness and love!
She keeps a Christmas tree
up all year and decorations around her home. 
She wears her Mrs Claus outfit and her Secret
Santa Claus outfit whenever she can.  Mrs Claus
is over the moon about Santa Claus and
Christmas and their universal messages
of generosity, oneness and unconditional
love!  She believes that each one of us can
and does make a difference and encourages
everyone to remember that 'The Gift' is in
'The Present' and that's why we give symbolic
gifts to remind us to be in the present moment. 
Every choice matters and every choice can
make a difference.

She is a lso a certified 'Laughter Yoga' teacher
and she loves to share the amazing benefits
behind Santa's hearty HoHOHo laughter!

Bernadette refers to herself as an Enlightened
Entrepreneur. Although born and living in
Melbourne, Australia she considers herself as
a citizen of the world! With a sense of fun,
humour & curiosity for the world we live in,
she incorporates enlightened spiritual and
human development for the new millennium!

Bernadette Dimitrov aks Mrs Claus is passionate
about sharing the fun, magic, joy, love and positive   
transformational messages of Christmas, so we
can live happier, healthier, more fufilled lives!

 Mrs Claus wowed the crowds &
 won 3rd Place at the 2011
 Annual Upwey Billy Cart Races:


Mrs Claus is the Australian
Representative for:

- The International Santa Claus Oath Committee


- Australian representative for
The Santa Claus Peace Council

-  Sits on the International Advisory Council
to the  Board of Directors for
Santa America / Santa Australia

“Give yourself the gift of
waking yourself up fully!
Be all that you can be,
 be the change, the blessing,
the peace, the love & inspiration
you want to see in the world!
You can – the choice is yours.
When you raise your vibration
your raise the world's vibration &
You make the world a better place!”
Mrs Claus!



Books authored
by Bernadette aka Mrs Claus include:-

                                                                   2011 Amazon Kindle Edition:
Note:  extra free gifts as listed below
are not available with the Amazon Kindle version!

The HoHoHo Factor” ebook, audio book and board
    game for the whole family to enjoy.  Discover fun
    whacky & joyous Christmas celebrations around the
    world, trivia, symbols, meanings, history, Santa’s
    secret blessings & creeds & much more.
    Press release - to view:
  Click Here!

Bluey, Santa’s New Recruit!” The first in a fun
    series of magical journeys with Bluey who teaches
    children how to draw on inner strengths with success  
    principals for life such as ‘visualization’. Find out how
    Santa delivers to high-rise apartments with no chimneys
    and how to
start the process that makes wishes come
    true! Bluey press release: To View: 
Click here! 


Co-author of “Simply Christmas” with English
   author and teacher Christopher Byrnes. This book
   includes simple and fun Christmas recipes, crafts
   and insights for living the blissful spirit of Christmas.

Co-author of “The Greatness in You” ebook
   with best selling author Michele Blood and the
   Mystical Success Club.

"The Ultimate Christmas Book"
Featured as one
    of ten ‘Must Know Christmas experts’ along with
    some of her crafts and recipes.





About our Company:

Company Creed:  

Connecting all people, family and friends to a world of fun, humour,
meaning and enlightened curiosity for the world we live in. 
Incorporating enlightened spiritual and human development
for the new millennium creating fun and meaningful interactions,
cherished memories along the road
to a new world of oneness, peace and love! 

We create:

Christmas personalized Santa Claus and personalized Christmas
Angel Certificates, eBooks, audio eBooks  and board games. 
Bringing family and friends together creating fun, meaningful
interactions and lasting memories!

We provide:

Great customer support and care!  Through our commitment,
experience, and expertise
www.HoHoHoChristmas.com will
continue to establish a great relationship with our customers
and listener friends that will last a lifetime!


We Believe:

In giving back to help make the world a better place! 
We practice 'enlightened' principals that support a brighter
you, us and the world! 

Our Motto:

"For you to discover and experience more love, fun, fulfilment,
meaningful and transformational interactions, cherished memories
and gifts that keep on giving!"

Mrs Claus Goal:
Is to continue to create family board games, stories, self-esteem
recipe books, eBooks and audio books that create cherished, fun,
enlightened and magical connections, interactions and memories. 
Mrs Claus will continue to inspire with her workshops, professional
speaking engagements, radio podcast show, laughter workshops
and writings.


In The Media - Radio:
Here are just some of Mrs Claus Radio Interviews:


      George Noory, Coast to Coast USA
      popular AM Radio show
     - one hour interview about Christmas
      which included call-in questions
      for Mrs Claus -
3 Million listeners!
      To listen to this show:
Visit Here!

     Julie Johnson, The Law of Attraction
      popular radio podcast show
      Mrs Claus was interviewed about her book
     The HoHoHo Factor. 
      Mrs Claus shared world Christmas traditions &
      the benefits of generosity.- this fun show had
  1 million listeners in the USA:
     To listen to this show:
       Click Here!

     Red Symons, ABC popular breakfast radio show,
     Melbourne, Australia.  Mrs Claus has been
     interviewd several times by Red.  Entertaining
     & fun interviews.

      Wendy Harmer, ABC Sydney Australia. A fun
      interview on her popular Australian radio show!

ABC Radio National various times

ABC Radio Australia various times

2GB Sydney various shows

3AW various shows



Mrs Claus live with Peter & Mary & answered callers questions... 4BC Brisbane


Mrs Claus having fun & inspiring Christmas good cheer with
host Jane Turner in Hobart, Tasmania:

      and many other
      major stations around the country.


Print Media examples:

Bernadette has appeared in numerous
newspapers including local and Australian
newspapers such as 'The Age' & here is
some examples ...




Bernadette is also Australia's first 'Secret Santa':


Cover of Take 5 Magazine
Released Australian-wide!
Bernadette appeared on front cover of Take5 Magazine
and had a featured 2 page article about her life as
Mrs Claus released Australia wide.

Feature story "That's Life" magazine 2011
Released Australia wide!

Mrs Claus has appeared on TV in the USA and in
Australia ... recently featured as a guest on
'Visions' Channel 31  (a half hour show about
Mrs Claus aka Bernadette Dimitrov)

Mrs Claus half hour TV Special
'Visions' Channel 31

Interview Topics: 
Bernadette is available for interview:

Topics of discussion / Story Ideas:

  • Fun Christmas trivia!
  • Fun whacky and joyous Christmas traditions around the world!
  • The benefits of generosity!
  • How to ensure your wishes come true!
  • Christmas symbols and their meanings
  • Christmas Food - discover world traditions!
  • Discover the real meaning of Christmas?
  • Is there really a Santa Claus? A fascinating historical journey!
  • Laughter Benefits - Why Santa HoHOhO's & why you will want to too!

    Mrs Claus Secret recipes for inner happiness!

    Mrs Claus Secret recipes for inner beauty that no outer beauty
    can ever match!

    and much more available upon request ...

    To book Mrs Claus:
    visit here!

    Contact Details:
    Media Direct Contact
    for Bernadette aka Mrs Claus:

    Bernadette is in Melbourne, Australia.

    Media direct Mobile
    Sleigh Phone:
                    0413 111 322

    Outside Australia:            61 413 111 322

    Office:                            03 9778 3036

    Outside Australia:            613 9778 3036

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