Bluey Santa's New Recruit!
 - New Release 2006 -

   Robert G Allen
    Author of the
  New York Times   

Nothing Down
Creating Wealth
Multiple Streams of Income
The One Minute Millionaire
Cracking the Millionaire Code:  Your Key to Enlightened Wealth


"Bluey, an enchanting
Kangaroo from DownUnder, is Santa's newest high flying addition to his fleet of reindeer.

Like Rudolf, this story is destined to be a cherished classic.   
What a fun and inspirational 
character Bluey is as
he takes children
through a magical wonderland while teaching great life




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Michele Blood
Best Selling Author,
Producer of
and the
Creator of www.MusiVation.com
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"I Can Do It Self Esteem Songs for KIDZ
Bluey's favorite songs!

"Bluey will capture the hearts of children and at the same time catapult their creativity to a whole new level which is so important to a young child's mind. A child's mind takes in everything and
what he/she takes in forms their belief system that will create their adult lives
to be successful and happy or negative. Allow your child's mind be filled with
success and allow
this amazing book to teach them how to use 'visualization'
It's a technique I have been teaching for years which helps young people tremendously. Bluey teaches this powerful  tool in a fun and magical manner by showing children how to
use their 'Santa Wish Box' in the sky! 
If only school had been this much fun!  It will be not only a valuable tool for lifebut this little book will create magical memories of a fun new tradition kids will look forward to every night - a visit to their Santa Wish Box in the sky!"


Founder of

Author of 15 children's books 
and Educational, Creative, Promotion &
Production Consultant to 
EMI Institue Infopreneuring Training Programs

"Bluey is a book for every child to delight in at Christmas time year after year.  It is destined
to be a perennial favorite. 
 It has the spark, the imagination and the goodness factor which children instantly
relate to and crave
more of.  Yes,
Bluey is
a true modern day classic
that helps kids in real life
 as they learn to address their wants
and needs in a positive, 
productive way.  
Love it!



         "My Kids just love this story! 
           They can follow the words on the
           screen and listen to it at the same
           time.  This is great, especially
           when I am too busy to read to
           them.  The story is magical and
           has taught them in a fun manner
           the power of visualization.  They
           love going to their "Santa Wish Box"
           in the sky just before sleep. 
           It's so much fun for us all! 
          Thanks Bernadette - it's a little gem!"

                               Annie Jones
                          Melbourne, Australia


THe HoHoHo Factor!
- New Release 2006 -


     Robert G Allen
       Author of the
    New York Times     

Nothing Down
Creating Wealth
Multiple Streams of Income
The One Minute Millionaire
Cracking the Millionaire Code:  Your Key to Enlightened Wealth


"The HoHoHo Factor is a modern-day E-book but
in reality it is an old-fashioned Christmas basket - full and running over with all kinds of Christmas goodies, insights, wisdom, fun and traditions. 
It will engage the whole family and help everyone from tot to great granddad make Christmas more memorable, exciting and meaningful!"




Michele Blood

  International Success
  Producer of   
   and Creator of
  Motivation Inspiration.
  Combining the
  modern music with
  the self improvement
   And Best
  Selling Author
  "How to Be A Magnet
  to Hollywood Success"

'The HoHoHo Factor!" is just
like the author Bernadette,
full of positivity, light and
great valuable information. 
There are so many facts
about Christmas that I have learnt from this great book.   Who knew that Boxing
Day was to give money to
the poor?I thought it was
to box up our pressies!
Not only will you learn so
much historically YOU will
also be enlightened from
all of the amazing ideas to
help YOU have a happier
richer life. 

I highly recommend
this book.




 “I was given The HoHoHo Factor as a present
and I haven’t put it down. I just love it!
 I've always loved Christmas but
now I actually know what its all about! 
I've also  picked up some great tips
and secrets to enjoying not only
a great Christmas but
for turning every day into
something magical!”
Thanks Bernadette
Ivana Daniels, New York 





Mary Andrews
Writer, Performer, Author
"Paper Gowns" &

"Wake Up...Live the Life You Love"

"Fascinating!  The Ho Ho Ho Factor e-book is so much more than I thought it would be!  I was  also very excited to learn why writing "XMas" is not disrespectful!  This book is informative and fun.  The ebook is great!"





Hey Bernadette, this is great!  I love trivia!  I've picked up some great tips and thoroughly enjoyed some of the fun and whacky times celebrated around the world - I just might even incorporate some into my next Christmas!  
John Winston, Canada



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